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  • ECO 561 Week 6 Final Proposal


    Baby Prestige Business Proposal

    ECO 561 Week 6 Final Proposal –

    Individual Assignment – Final Proposal

    Resource: Business Proposal and Peer Review feedback.

    Revise your Week Four business proposal using the feedback provided by your peers and facilitator as necessary. In addition to your week four paper, the second part of your paper will use the revised information to recommend appropriate pricing and non pricing strategies for your new or existing good or service based on the projected economy’s stage in the business cycle and the prevailing projected economic conditions for one or more macroeconomic factors. Explain the

    evidence that supports these recommendations.

    Required Elements:

    • Describe the current global economic conditions and their effect on local macroeconomic indicators for your good or service.

    • Describe the local economy’s stage in the business cycle.

    • Describe how current credit market conditions affect your planning or

    operating decision for your good or service.

    • No more than 2100 words (in addition to the 1400 word paper completed in week four, an additional three pages at most is needed)

    Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

  • Personal Budget Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement


    ACC 547 Week 1 Individual Assignment

    Individual Assignment Personal Budget Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement

    Individual Assignment: Personal Budget, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
    · Choose a client or yourself. For confidentiality purposes, use a fictitious name.
    · Prepare a personal budget, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.
    · Write a memo that includes the following:

    A summary of the facts, including ages of the client, spouse, and dependents; educational background; income status of client and spouse; and two major concerns and goals.

    Summary of key items and findings from the personal budget, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

    Recommendations and support for improving the financial situation

  • Assignment Accounting Standards Boards Paper


    ACC 541 Week 1 Individual Assignment Accounting Standards Boards Paper

    The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) are currently working on a joint venture referred to as the convergence project.

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing the relationship between the IASB and the FASB. Include the following in your paper:

    A brief history of the relationship between the two boards and the IASB equivalents of the FASB original pronouncements
    An explanation of how the MSA program prepares the student for a professional life within the accounting vocation
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including appropriate citations and references. Run your paper through WritePointSM and Plagiarism Checker.

  • Auditing a Publicly Traded Company Memo


    Acc 541 week 6 team assignment auditing a publicly traded company

    As a Staff I assigned to the audit of a publicly traded company, your senior has asked you to evaluate both share-based payment reporting and special purpose entities (SPE) reporting for the company.
    Research share-based payment reporting and SPE reporting individually.

    Write a 700- to 1.050-word executive memo as a team that includes a description of what you will look for to see if the client is consistent with the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Pay particular attention to accounting treatment of share-based payment and accounting consolidation theory as it relates to special purpose entities. Keep the memo as brief as possible while fully exploring the issues.

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including appropriate citations and references. Run your paper through WritePointSM and Plagiarism Checker.

  • Case Study: Terri Rosin’s dilemma


    Terri Rosin’s dilemma Case Study

    Dis 2- Managers today hold positions of authority that make them accountable for the ethical conduct of those who report to them as well as subject to a particular code of professional ethics.  Read the case related to Terri Rosin’s dilemma with her general manager’s request add post your value-added response to each of the questions.

    Q1- Explain how shaving 5% off the estimated direct labor-hours in the base for the predetermined overhead rate usually results in a big boost in net operating income at the end of the fiscal year.

    Q2- Should Terri Ronsin go along with the general manager’s request to reduce the direct labor-hours in the predetermined overhead rate computation to 420,000 direct labor-hours?

    Q3- Lets continue the discussion: Explain the four-step process used to compute a predetermined overhead rate.

  • Income statement and Business Type DQs


    Q1- Would a traditional income statement differ depending on whether the business is a service organization, merchandiser, or manufacturer?

    Q2- Could we use managerial accounting “tools” to assess the profitability of an organization other than a manufacturing business, or are the topics we are learning only related to manufacturing?

    3Q-If we could use these concepts in service and/or merchandising businesses, how would we go about doing so?

    Let’s discuss the statement of cost of goods manufactured (COGM) in relation to COGS and the income statement. What specifically does the statement of COGM reflect? Which accounts and what type of accounts are they (assets, expenses, liabilities, etc.)? What goes into each account? Provide an example

    Q4- We covered fixed costs in our class discussions. Let’s discuss fixed costs in more detail. These can be either committed costs or discretionary. How are these terms defined? What are some examples of each?

  • ACC 497 Codification System Orientation Paper


    ACC 497 Week 1 Individual Assignment FASB Codification System Orientation Paper

    Resources: FASB Codification System website accessible through the FASB Online link located on your student website

    Access the FASB Online website and familiarize yourself with the contents.

    Write a 350-word paper in which you answer the following questions:

    ·   What is the FASB Codification System?

    ·   What is the purpose of the FASB Codification System?

    ·   What are the nine content areas located in the FASB Codification System? What types of items are located under each content area?

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

  • Amazon Fresh: Rekindling the Online Grocery Market


    Amazon Fresh: Rekindling the Online Grocery Market

    MG316.Service-Operations Management Case Study Analysis

    Bentley University

    • What was important about Jeff Bezos 1997 letter to the shareholders?
    • What key actions did Amazon take to support its growth?
    • What were the challenges to on-line grocery?
    • Comment on Amazon’s entry into grocery. What do you view as the strengths/weaknesses of their approach?
    • What was Amazon’s market and who were their customers? What were they looking to establish as their competitive advantage?
    • Case Write-up
  • Codification Research Paper – Cascade Company


    ACC 423 WEEK 2 Signature Assignment Codification Research Paper

    What is a Signature Assignment?

    A signature assignment is designed to align with specific program student learning outcome(s) for a program. Program Student Learning Outcomes are broad statements that describe what students should know and be able to do upon completion of their degree. The signature assignments are graded with an automated rubric that allows the University to collect data that can be aggregated across a location or college/school and used for program improvements.

    Resource: FASB Codification Link.

    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper.

    Your client, Cascade Company, is planning to invest some of its excess cash in 5-year revenue bonds issued by the county and in the stock of one of its suppliers, Teton Co. Teton’s shares trade on the over-the-counter market. The company would like you to conduct some research on the accounting for these investments.


    Access the FASB Codification.

    Once you login using the username and password provided from the link above “login instructions” click on Education (from the menu across the top) > select FASB & GARS > click on FASB User Login and use the same credentials given for the initial login page.  That will get you to the FASB Accounting Standards Codification (professional view) page.

    Review the log-in instructions.

    Provide Codification references for your responses below.

    Incorporate your review of the FASB link to determine when the fair value of a security “readily determinable”.

    Since the Teton shares do not trade on one of the large stock markets, Cascade argues that the fair value of this investment is not readily available.

    Describe how an impairment of a security is accounted for.

    Determine how close to maturity Cascade could sell an investment and still classify it as held-to-maturity.

    To avoid volatility in their financial statements due to fair value adjustments, Cascade debated whether the bond investment could be classified as held-to-maturity; Cascade is pretty sure it will hold the bonds for five years.

    List disclosures that must be made for any sale or transfer from securities classified as held-to-maturity.

    Format your paper consistent with APA standards.

    Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

    Assignment Deliverables Summary:

    1. How can the shares investment in Teton Inc. fair value be determined according to GAAP, provide FASB codification reference?

    2. How should the bond investment in a County Government be classified if Cascade Company does not plan to hold the bond to its maturity? can the management change its intention in later years?

    3. Under what condition and factors for an equity investment to be considered as “impaired”, provide FASB codification reference?

    4. What are the disclosure requirements for reclassification of sale or transfer of security from one category to another?