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  • Compensation for Intercollegiate athletics


    Each student needs to select any sport-related organization or team and determine the purpose of project (i.e., problem-solving based on in-depth understanding and analysis of current issues in the sport industry or developing management strategies in order for the organization to maximize efficiency or profitability).
    Each student must submit approximately 6-8 double-spaced pages (not including references and cover page) via the assignment submission link as attachment in Major Project folder. The due date of this assignment is 29 April. The written paper does not only include but also reflect and apply knowledge, principles, lessons, or any findings from the class.
    It does not matter whether the project is about humans, structure, money, process, efficiency, strategy, products (goods or services), or communications in the sport organization. Any subject or topic related to Sport Management will be acceptable.
    Please try to put yourself in the sport manager’s places and use this project as a self-training opportunity. To successfully conduct this project, you need to thoroughly research on the selected organization using various sources.
    For this project, each student may need to collaborate with the other using email or other communication methods (e.g., phone, student lounge)

    Compensation for Intercollegiate athletics

    Format of Major Project

    Introduction: provide a brief overview of the company (organization). The following information, but not limited to, may need to include:
    Organization History
    What the Organization is about
    Mission of the Organization
    Purpose Statement of the Project: The followings could be purpose of your project:
    Identifying problems/issues in an selected organization and suggesting solutions
    Report of Findings Based on Your Purpose
    Analyzing the issues/problems in the sport industry
    Developing marketing/management strategies for the selected organization to maximize efficiency or profitability or resolve the issues/problems)
    Conclusion: write a brief conclusion by discussing som

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    Paper Requirements:

    This essay will count 2 letter grades.  You must use a minimum of 3 outside sources (magazine article, newspaper article, book, interview, etc.) and a maximum of 5. The sources must be well documented using 2009 MLA Style.  There must be a Works Cited page at the end of the essay formatted with 2009 MLA Style.  Note:  At least one of your sources must come from GALILEO.  You may also use the articles from Back to the Lake in your paper. Do not use Wikipedia as a source.
    Choose one of the following topics.

    1.    How do you feel about the Georgia law banning texting while driving?

    2.    Do you think that cell phone use while driving should be against the law for all drivers?

    3.    Do you think that children who commit violent crimes should be tried as adults?

    4.    Do you think that the Georgia smoking ban is a good or bad idea?

    5.    Do you think that we put too much emphasis on grades and/or testing in our educational systems?

    6.    Do you think that the drinking age should be lowered?

    7.    What do you think can be done to lower the high rate of automobile accidents among teens in Georgia?

    8.    Do you think that gay marriages should be legal in Georgia?

    9.  Do you think that we should have mandatory drug testing in Georgia high schools?

    10.    Do you think we should legalize drugs in some sports?


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  • Reflection Paper on Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun


    Reflection Paper on Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

    Must answer these 4 questions
    •    What is the book’s message for managers?
    •    How did this book relate to or fit in with your educational experiences (at DePaul and/or previous higher education institutions) so far?
    •    Has this book helped you plan or reconsider your own personal creative journey in your work or career?
    •    What did you learn from the book? Give an example of one or two significant “take-aways” from the book.

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  • Narrative Essay


    Narrative Essay

  • Decision to Take Saddam Down


    Argument Prospectus: Was it the right decision to take Saddam down?

    What is a Prospectus?

    A prospectus or research proposal is a document that provides an audience with relevant material regarding your proposed researched argument. The prospectus is usually the first step in a major research project; in the real world people use a prospectus to convince a committee, manager, professor, etc. that they have a clear and logical plan of action for their projects.

    A prospectus should include three main components: A rationale, an outline, and an annotated list of your research surrounding your topic to that point.

    • The rationale should explain to your audience why you chose to research a particular topic. You should indicate the context for the topic, meaning the time frame, audience, location, etc. on which the essay is based. The rationale also shows why the topic is important and significant in regards to its context.
      • For this assignment, consider your audience as consisting of all ENG 102 instructors and students in this semester.
    • The outline does not mean an “outline” in a traditional sense; instead, this means that you should illustrate your plan for proving your argument. You want to present your opinion (i.e. thesis statement), what research and statistics you will rely on the most, what/who are your oppositions, how you plan to concede or refute those oppositions, and finally what do you plan to achieve with the research project.
    • An annotated list of the research you have conducted shows your audience what others have said or not said about the topic. That list will include the bibliographic information for the researched materials with abstracts for each work, helping you to explain how your opinion is adding to the existing conversation surrounding the topic.

    What is an Abstract?

    Your prospectus relies on outside research, in this case scholarly research. Most academic articles include an abstract in the beginning of the article; these abstracts are used to briefly and powerfully describe a longer work. Stephen Wilhoit defines an abstract as “a special form of an informative summary…usually paragraph-long…informing readers of the text’s primary assertions, findings or argument”(67). Because you will only be proposing a research project you will be writing abstracts for each scholarly and legitimate article you plan to use within your prospectus. The purpose behind the abstracts is to help you comprehend and then integrate scholarly articles and texts because, on surface level, academic texts can be difficult to understand.

    Although necessary components may vary according to discipline, abstracts generally contain the same elements. Abstracts should describe the following elements from the article: the authors’ claims and supporting points; the implications of the work; and your rhetorical intent in using the work. In determining these elements, you should be more comfortable and knowledgeable about the articles.

    The Assignment:

    You will write a prospectus as described above. This is a snapshot of the research you have conducted to this point. Good researchers always review many more sources than they actually use. Therefore, your list should contain at least ten sources, at least two of which are from The Engaged Reader, and at least of which six must be scholarly in nature. Begin with your rationale and outline and conclude with your list of sources, under the heading, “Annotated Works Consulted.”

    Your rationale and outline should be between 200-300 words. Each abstract should be approximately 50-75 words in length.


    Your prospectus will be evaluated according to the following elements:

    • A specific, narrowed thesis statement
    • A clear outline of your intent, argument and plausible conclusion(s)
    • A clear rationale that addresses the context of the topic
    • Addresses the audience appropriately
    • Correct formatting and MLA
    • Effectiveness and accuracy of the summary components
    • Includes works that not only address the writer’s position but also opposing viewpoints
    • Formal, non-inflammatory language
    • Meaningful and interesting vocabulary and verb use
    • Few mechanical or grammatical errors
    • Literary present tense and grammatical 3rd person
    • The required number of works listed
    • Stays within the range of the required word count


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  • Admission essay- My family is unique


    Each essay topic is one page and the following includes:
    1. My family is unique because
    2. Why this school for the next three years and Entrepreneurship, if so when?
    3. Elevator Pitch please describe what you will bring to the classroom in 100 words or less, and three professional personal accomplishments.( 35 words or less for each accomplishment) I need the essays  to flow and connect smoothly. Please share thoughts of if need any additional information. thank you

  • Admission Essay (Surgeon


    Admission Essay (Surgeon) is a sample of an admission letter written by a student wishing to join medicine school, particularly to become a surgeon.

  • Terrorism Argumentative Essay


    An argument of evaluation is an argument that states why something is good/bad, successful/not successful, effective/ineffective, competent/incompetent, and so forth. It’s essentially a judgment which ranks a subject on a specific scale or spectrum using clearly stated criteria. These types of arguments can be made in numerous ways and on numerous topics.
    Choosing a topic:

    Choose one of the five arguments from your inventory as a starting point for your research. So that you’re not simply restating what someone else has said, it must meet one of these two conditions:

    • The original argument is not primarily an evaluation; it is one of the other four types. Your job, then, is to find an angle to the argument (or a closely related argument) which would work as an evaluation. For example, if I wanted to start with an article which is primarily an argument of fact about gluten intolerance, I could write an argument of evaluation which evaluates how effective a gluten-free diet really is for the average person.

    – OR –

    • The original argument is primarily an evaluation, but you disagree with the author’s stance and want to argue the complete opposite. In this case, although you could use some content from the original argument for your naysayer, you will need to research and find support for your opposing claim.


    1. Consider your topic thoughtfully. Make sure you can place it into a certain For instance, if you were evaluating The Notebook, you would rank it in the romantic film category. If you were evaluating one of Obama’s policies on education, it would be considered in the category of similar policies he has made. This will help you to choose criteria of judgment.
    2. Pick a specific audienceto whom you will address this argument. Think about who would be interested in this issue. College students? Younger women in the workplace? Baseball fans? Narrow it down—the audience should never be “everybody” or “all Americans.” What type of style, evidence, and tone would work best for that intended audience?
    3. Write your essay. It must include the following things:
    • A clear thesis with a claim and a reason
      • Consider whether or not you need to qualifyyour thesis (Example: Instead of “Jon Stewart is the funniest person on TV,” you would say “Jon Stewart is one of the most influential TV personalities of this decade.” Don’t make claims you can’t support.)
    • briefoverview of your topic (a sort of background paragraph or summary)
    • An explanation or defense of your criteria
      • What criteria/standards are you using to judge your topic? Can you justify these criteria?
      • Example: What features make a film a classic? (quotability? reviews? money made?)
    • Evidence that your subject meets or fails to meet the criteria you set
    • Consider and address the alternate views(opposing viewpoints and counterarguments)
      • What would those that oppose you say? How can you refute their arguments?
    • Pathos, Logos, and Ethos: Try to use all 3 appeals in your argument, keeping in mind which ones will be most effective for your audience. (See textbook for help.)
    • Outside sources
      • You must include 3-4 credible outside sources
      • You must incorporate ideas from those sources into your essay. Make sure to introduce the author/site and state why he/she/it is relevant
      • Use MLA citations throughout your paper
    • Works cited
    • Correct page length
      • 3-4 pages, notincluding heading, images, or works cited information
      • 12 point Times News Roman, double-spaced, 1” margins, and stapled

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  • Marijuana Should Be Legalized


    The research paper explores some of the reasons why Marijuana should be legalized.

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