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  • Atlas Robot Fixing Paper


    Atlas Robot and its Technology (Atlas Robot Fixing)

    The paper is about Atlas Robot Fixing. It looks at Atlas Robot and what comprises of its Technology. Specific heading in the paper are introduction, the old atlas robot, atlas features, redesigned atlas robot, atlas specifications and technology, conclusion.

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    The essay explores the following questions:

    1) what is Zina?
    2) Background of zina laws In Egypt in 90’s till early 2000s
    3) The paper will analyse the discriminating laws in Egypt when it comes to adultery crimes and what are the justifications for those discriminating laws between women and men and give real life examples.
    4) How legislators in Egypt have always cited Islamic Sharia when enforcing such strict personal status  laws, when it comes to adultery, Egyptian laws stray far from Islamic teachings and are outrageous. So there should be comparison between Islamic sharia and Egyptian laws.
    5) what are the reasons behind those laws and your opinion about them
    6) Crimes of honor ( real life cases)
    7) conclusion: suggestions and why do you think men and women should be treated equally as in Islamic shriaa

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  • College Students Opinions on Health and Fitness


    This is a comprehensive social research paper on College Students Opinions on Health and Fitness. the research seeks to find out whether their is a problem in the perceptions that college students hold on College Students Opinions on Health and Fitness, and possible solutions to the problem.

    The methodology used is qualitative and interviews are the source of information.

    20 pages


  • E-Government in Developing Countries: Failure of Projects (Literature Review)


    The literature review is about E-Government in Developing Countries and the reasons for Failure of Projects

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    APA Format

  • Dangerous Influence of Advertising


    The paper explores the dangerous influences of Advertising.

    7 pages

    APA Format

  • Riley vs. California: Analysis of a Groundbreaking Case


    The paper is an analysis of a Groundbreaking Case of Riley vs. California

    Paper Contents

    1. Legal position
    2. Court decision
    3. The amendment
    4. Assessment of litigants
    5. Assessment of the litigation
    6. History of policy that was successfully challenged
    7. Critique of current policy
    8. Criticism and recommendations

    14 pages

    APA Format plus Outline

  • Marijuana (Historical Analysis)


    This essay is a historical/casual analysis of Marijuana through the years since 1937. The main objective is to just talk about what happened in a certain year from 1937 to 2014. There is a timeline that I will provide which shows the different law changes or other political changes of Marijuana. BUT, each paragraph will be talking about a certain decade. For example, if something happened in 1937 and 1939 then that paragraph will be focusing on the 1930’s. The paragraphs will be in chronological order. Some of the years haven’t been looked up yet, so you will have to look it up.

    3 Pages

    MLA Format

  • Effects of adolescents’ use of cannabis on their mental processes


    Effects of adolescents’ use of cannabis on their mental processes (Literature Review)

    Paper Contents

    • Introduction
    • Why do adolescents start using cannabis?
    • Does cannabis use lead to psychosis?
    • Analysis of Selected Literature
    • Strengths of selected Literature
    • Weaknesses of Selected Literature
    • Conclusion

    8 pages

  • Impact of Social Media on Human Relations


    Impact of Social Media on Human Relations

    7 pages