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Essay 2: Kairos, “The end of walking” by Antonia Malchik - Cloud Essays

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Essay 2: Kairos, “The end of walking” by Antonia Malchik


First, please read this article

Then, analyze this article as required instructions:
Considering what you have learned through your research, why do you believe the author’s discussion is timely, noteworthy, and/or important?

The writer must include a Works Cited. References, or Bibliography containing at least 3 secondary sources other than the primary article.
In addition, the writer must include at least 3 references to 3 different sources listed in the Works Cited, References, or Bibliography.
The writer may also include material from the primary article.
At least 1 of these references must be incorporated in a block quotation.

I’ve provided an example for you, but the sample does NOT mean that you have to follow *this writer’s approach to make your essay work.  But: this is a pretty strong example of an essay that successfully puts various sources and events “in conversation” with the writer’s primary author to establish the timeliness of the latter’s publication.

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