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Hispanic Tradition Gender Roles


Observation 3: Hispanic Tradition Gender Roles

Write an observational essay about an intriguing place, person, or activity in your community. Your essay may be a brief profile of an individual based on one or two interviews: a description of a place or activity observed once or twice; or a longer, more fully developed profile of a person, place, or activity based on observational visits and interviews conducted over several days. Observe your subject closely, and then present what you have learned in a way that both informs and engages readers. Use lots of description.
Possible topic ideas for observation (see your text for more ideas): -a church or temple (interview the minister/members) -a classroom (interview teacher/students) -a popular hangout -a hospital -any place that’s different or gets you outside of your comfort zone -a ride along with an officer -an AA meeting -a protest -a jail -hospice -homeless shelter -shelter for abused women with children

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