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Indeterminism and Human Choices: An Overview


This essay, is a three-plus page argument essay.

On Free Will:

Argue for or against Indeterminism, which is the view that our choices, though certainly influenced, are nonetheless uncaused. In rational deliberation we are the uncaused causers of our choices.

Sample arguments:

Indeterminism is false because if it were true, it would violate the principle of universal causation. But there cannot be a violation of the principle of universal causation.

Indeterminism is true because if it were false, I would not be a person. But I am a person.

Indeterminism is false because God created the universe in all its details. My choices are some of the details of the universe.

Indeterminism is true because if it were false, we would not be responsible. But in fact we are responsible.

On individuality:

We are not rational individuals because if we were, we would be able to identify the individual content of our thinking and acting. But in fact we cannot do that.

We are rational individuals simply based on the fact that we arefree thinking and each of us is embodied separately.

Also check the Metaethics attachment regarding the question of what is goodness? You can consider a theory like hedonism,for example, goodness is pleasure.

Finally, attached a document on what I call the two virtues of social morality: Compromise and Obedience. You can write on whether or not either (don’t do both) is an unconditional virtue of social morality.

Additional Materials:


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