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Personal dictionary of 20 words


Dictionary of Key Terms. Create a personal dictionary of 20 words, terms or concepts. The entries should include the word, term or concept, a formal definition (citation required) and a specific application. The application could include your Annotated Bibliography, your Review of Literature, your current Action Research Project, or a proposed action research. Terms must be organized into at least three categories to include: (1) research methodology terms; (2) content terms from Review of Literature; (3) research ethics terms.

1.      Responses
2.      Variable
3.      Research
4.      Methods
5.      Demographics
6.      Data
7.      Replicate
8.      Hypothesis
9.      Analysis
10.  Survey
11.  Significant
12.  Range
13.  Reliability
14.  Biased
15.  Correlation
16.  Independent variable
17.  Dependent variable
18.  Randomized
19.  Meta-analysis
20.   Longitudinal


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