Writing a social science research paper

The fundamental purpose of a research paper is to identify a problem or puzzle, develop a perspective on that problem and to make a persuasive argument in favor of your perspective. In order for you to successfully meet this challenge, your research paper should include the following components as described on CloudEssays:

  1. Introduction:

In the introduction of your research paper, you need to give the reader some basic background information on your topic that suggests why the question you are investigating is interesting and important. You will also need to provide the reader with a clear argument or thesis and a basic outline (roadmap) of your paper as a whole.

  1. Literature review:

A literature review involves reading and analyzing what other researchers have written on your topic before going on to do research of your own. There are some very pragmatic reasons for doing this work. First, as insightful as your ideas may be, someone else may have had similar ideas and have already done research to test them. By reading what they have written on your topic, you can ensure that you don’t repeat, but rather learn from, work that has already been done. Second, to demonstrate the soundness of your argument, you will need to indicate how you have borrowed from and/or improved upon the ideas of others.

  1. Research Findings and Analysis

Once once you have conducted your literature review, you will be in a position to present your research findings. In presenting these findings, you will need to refer back to your original argument/explain the manner and degree to which your results fit with what you anticipated you would find. If you see strong support for your argument or perhaps some unexpected results that your original hypotheses cannot account for, this section is the place to convey such important information to your reader.

  1. Conclusion

Finally, in the summary section of your paper, reiterate your research findings and the significance of your research.

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