Essays are among the most frequent assignment types. Yet, they remain some of the most complicated tasks to handle. Writing a good essay isn’t a walk in the park. It takes skills, knowledge, research, attention to detail, and dedication. It’s a lot of work. However, simply writing an essay is not enough to get the best grade. Editing is an irreplaceable part of the writing process. It helps you ensure the clarity and quality of your essays, and it’s also a lot of work.

We all know that college students have a lot on their plates. Apart from endless lectures, tests, and homework tasks, they often have to deal with work, extracurriculars, and other things. Due to their busy schedules, young people often lack time to edit their papers properly, and that’s when essay editing services come to the rescue.

Leveraging the help of professional editors, you can save plenty of time and ensure the best grade for your essay. Unfortunately, finding a good helper can be tough, but not anymore.

Using all my knowledge and experience, I’ve rigorously tested the most popular services to pick the most reliable ones. Read on to find the best essay editing service for you!

6 Top Essay Editing Services in Phoenix AZ for Stellar Results

Welcome to one of the most comprehensive reviews of the top essay editing companies for students! Before we delve into details and review every service separately, let me quickly introduce my top picks:

  1. EssayService – Best essay editing service overall
  2. CloudEssays – A Premier Writing and Editing Service
  3. EssayPro – Best editing service for versatility
  4. DoMyEssay – Best service for value for money
  5. EssayHub – Best essay editing service for quick help
  6. PaperWriter – Best service for complex assignments

The Editing Problem

Probably every student knows why writing a top-notch essay is hard. But what is the problem with editing?

At first glance, it can seem like editing your work isn’t a big deal. But that’s a big mistake. Professional writers and editors confirm — editing your own work is very challenging. Jeff Goins, in his book “Why Writers Can’t Edit Their Own Work,” said:

“As you compose and craft, like any good parent does with a child, you don’t see your work for what it is. You see it for its potential, for what you imagine it to be. In other words, you’re blind to reality…”

This is the first and the biggest challenge of editing. But there are others as well.

As a student, you can find it incredibly hard to edit your papers after you spend hours on end writing them. This can be due to a lack of experience, language proficiency, and other critical skills. Also, it can be because of a banal lack of time.

Though hard and stressful, editing your essays is crucial for your academic success.

With the help of professional essay editing platforms, you can solve this problem and get your papers polished to perfection. Read on to learn more about the top five services I’ve selected for you!

Pick the Best Essay Editing Service for You

EssayService — Best Overall


EssayService is the number one essay editing service. With a rich history and thousands of positive reviews, this service has long earned the trust and affection of students of all academic levels. And it lives up to its reputation.

The service’s website boasts a smooth and functional design. It is very intuitive, so you won’t have any issues with placing an order here, even if you are new to such services. The order process is also super convenient. It only takes a couple of clicks to request professional help.

In terms of features, EssayService is an all-rounded academic helper for students. It offers custom writing, rewriting, and, of course, editing services. It employs a huge pool of professional editors who can analyze your paper for writing style, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and content and fix all mistakes to help you impress your professor and score a high grade.


  • Custom writing of any paper type and any academic subject.
  • Rewriting, proofreading, editing, and grading of your papers.
  • Native-speaking writers and editors with BA, MA, and Ph.D. degrees.
  • All academic levels, including Ph.D.
  • Customer-oriented approach.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Excellent customer support available around the clock via live chat.
  • Guaranteed anonymity and security.
  • Free and unlimited revisions for every order.
  • Zero plagiarism.
  • Money-back guarantee if your needs aren’t met.

Why I Think They Are the Best

EssayService happened to be the first one on my list for a number of reasons.

The service has been around for a while and has long earned a solid reputation among essay editing companies. It stands out due to its exceptional attention to detail and a custom approach that allows it to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer.

Apart from the reputation, EssayService impressed me with the professionalism of its team. I conducted thorough research and found that all writers and editors employed at this service undergo a rigorous background check and examination. The service tests potential employees to confirm their skills and knowledge. As a result, EssayService has a large team of proven experts, all of whom are native English speakers and holders of college degrees.

Lastly, I picked EssayService for its quality. This service really has it all! It takes a personalized approach and tailors orders to every customer’s needs. Also, the professionalism of its experts ensures the stellar quality of every order. On top of that, EssayService always ensures zero plagiarism in the delivered orders and never misses the set deadline.

These and many other benefits that EssayService offers to students make it a worthy candidate for the title of the best essay editing platform.

What Countries Do They Write For?

EssayService is a universal service for students of all academic levels and from all countries. The service’s website is available in two versions — global and Canadian. You can access the site from the version that aligns with your location.

Another important point is the language. Apart from English, the service employs Spanish and French writers. That is, they can edit your papers in three languages and ensure impeccable quality regardless of the language.


EssayService strives to keep its prices affordable for students with different budgets. The cost of the order is calculated individually, and you can use a free calculator to learn how much you will have to pay.

The prices for editing start from only $5.4 per page.


  • A large pool of editors with college diplomas and years of experience in writing and editing.
  • Pocket-friendly rates.
  • Around-the-clock support that makes your experience seamless.
  • Free revisions and a money-back guarantee.
  • Orders are delivered right on time or even before the deadline.
  • Excellent quality of help tailored to your specific needs.


  • There is no direct line to contact the service’s support team. However, the online chat works just fine and lets you receive the needed assistance swiftly.
  • Although the selection of editors is impressive, it can get rather overwhelming when you need to pick just one among dozens of proven experts.


Thanks to its student-friendliness, ease of use, professionalism, and impeccable quality, I found EssayService the best essay editing company overall. This platform offers you all kinds of help in one place and provides a huge number of benefits. High ratings and loads of positive reviews from former and current customers confirm this. So EssayService is indeed a site you can rely on in any situation.

By using EssayService, students can forget about their academic-related struggles. This service can handle them all for you, and you will get more free time for other things that matter without sacrificing your academic performance!

CloudEssays: A Premier Writing and Editing Service

CloudEssays has secured its place as one of the top choices for students seeking efficient, high-quality, and affordable essay editing services. This platform is synonymous with versatility, providing comprehensive assistance for various academic needs.

Established in 2005, CloudEssays has an impressive track record, having catered to the needs of over 2 million satisfied customers globally. This longevity in the industry sets CloudEssays apart as a well-established and reliable writing and editing service.

Whether accessed through its user-friendly website or the convenient mobile app available on Google Play, the App Store, and the platform’s own app, CloudEssays ensures a seamless user experience. The service’s intuitive design contributes to its overall appeal and accessibility.

CloudEssays takes pride in its versatility, positioning itself as a leader in the industry. The service covers a broad spectrum of assignments, catering to all academic levels and offering expertise in over 200 subjects.

Key Features of CloudEssays:

  1. Two Decades of Excellence: With over 20 years in the market, CloudEssays boasts a remarkable reputation, having served 2 million customers and counting.
  2. Expert Team: The service employs a team of over 900 writers and editors with impeccable qualifications, skills, and knowledge in diverse academic fields.
  3. Comprehensive Assistance: CloudEssays provides a range of services, including writing, rewriting, proofreading, and editing assistance for various types of academic papers.
  4. Academic Coverage: Catering to all academic levels and offering support for over 200 subjects, CloudEssays ensures a solution for every student’s needs.
  5. 24/7 Support: The dedicated support team operates around the clock to assist users with any inquiries or concerns.
  6. Flexible Deadlines: CloudEssays understands the importance of timeliness and offers flexibility in deadlines while guaranteeing punctuality.
  7. Affordable Pricing: With pocket-friendly prices and a transparent billing system free of hidden charges, CloudEssays remains accessible to students on different budgets.
  8. Privacy and Safety: CloudEssays prioritizes user privacy and safety, ensuring a secure environment for academic collaboration.
  9. Mobile Accessibility: The service’s mobile app facilitates on-the-go access, allowing users to conveniently manage their tasks and collaborate with writers and editors.
  10. Useful Tools: CloudEssays offers additional tools such as a free citation generator, plagiarism checker, and homework planner to enhance the overall writing and editing experience.

Why CloudEssays Stands Out:

CloudEssays has left a lasting impression with its remarkable statistics. Over two decades, the service has garnered the trust of more than 2 million students, with over 3,000 reporting significant grade improvements after utilizing the platform. Such success sets CloudEssays apart as a leading choice in the competitive field of essay editing services.

The service’s reputation is equally impressive, having earned recognition from reputable sources. CloudEssays has proven its commitment to excellence, making it a reliable partner for students seeking top-notch writing and editing assistance.

EssayPro — Best for Versatility


EssayPro is my second favorite. This college essay editing service stands for efficiency, quality, and affordability. Among all, it stands for versatility.

EssayPro impressed me with its background. The service has been around since 1997 and has already served over 1.5 million happy customers from all across the world. These facts make this service one of the most well-established writing and editing services out there.

The service can be used via the web and via a convenient mobile app. Whatever option you pick, I guarantee that you will enjoy the smooth operation of the service and its intuitiveness. The app is available in Google Play, App Store, and Our App.

As for versatility, EssayPro is an undoubted leader. The service offers help with all types of assignments and all academic levels and covers over 150 subjects.


  • 20+ years on the market, 1.5+ million customers, and a flawless reputation.
  • 800+ writers and editors with impeccable qualifications, skills, and knowledge.
  • Writing, rewriting, proofreading, and editing assistance.
  • All academic levels, paper types, and over 150 subjects.
  • Around-the-clock support team.
  • Flexible deadlines and guaranteed punctuality.
  • Pocket-friendly prices and no hidden charges.
  • Privacy and safety.
  • Convenient mobile app for using the service on the go.
  • Free citation generator, plagiarism checker, and homework planner.

Why I Think They Are the Best

EssayPro deeply impressed me with its stats. Throughout over 20 years on the market, the service has earned the love of over 1.5 million students. Moreover, 3K+ students reported a significant boost in their grades after they started using this service. Not every editing service can boast such a success.

The reputation of the service is also pretty impressive. Being one of the industry’s most established services, EssayPro has gained recognition from many reputable resources, including Washington City Paper, Fox 13, and many others. It also boasts some of the highest ratings on various review websites, such as Sitejabber and Trustpilot. Thousands of students praise the service for its excellent quality.

Needless to say, the quality of customer experience and services provided by EssayPro is also very high. The service boasts a huge pool of 800+ writers and editors. All experts are native speakers from the US and Canada, and many of them are former or current professors with MA and Ph.D. degrees.

EssayPro guarantees safety and transparency. It never shares customer data and keeps you safe at all stages of your experience. It also guarantees originality and timeliness. No matter how tough your task is, EssayPro can handle it in the best way!

What Countries Do They Write For?

EssayPro is a global service. It gladly helps customers all across the globe to save time and ace their studies.

The service’s website is adjusted to four types of users — from China, UAE, Canada, and global. The app is also available for download for users across the world.

It’s important to note that the majority of the service’s experts are English speakers. Nevertheless, there are also French and Spanish writers.


The final cost r is calculated individually based on your order details. The type of service, paper, deadline, and the number of pages affect the price. In any case, no matter what the details of your order are, the price is guaranteed to remain student-friendly — starting from $11.4/page for writing and $5.70/page for editing.


  • Many years on the market and impressive industry recognition.
  • Highly professional experts with English, French, and Spanish proficiencies.
  • Services are available all across the world.
  • A mobile app that makes using this service even simpler.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • A huge selection of subjects.
  • A number of convenient free tools for students.


  • When I tested customer support, it took 5 minutes to get a response, which was a bit longer than I expected.
  • The selected editor missed one mistake in the text (a small typo), so I had to request a revision. Luckily, the expert handled my request in nearly no time.


After studying the website and app, reading customer reviews, and analyzing this service myself, I can confidently claim that EssayPro is indeed one of the best essay editing companies to try, especially if you are looking for versatility. Unlike many of its competitors, EssayPro covers nearly all existing subjects and types of tasks. It also works for students around the world, which makes it a universal solution for everyone.

In addition to that, its good reputation in the industry and stellar quality can’t help but impress. I believe that this service is a good bet for students who need expert editing help.

DoMyEssay — Best Value for Money


DoMyEssay deserves a third place on this list thanks to its commitment to excellence. According to the service’s website, the core values of the DoMyEssay team are optimism, problem-solving, efficiency, and trust. Based on customer reviews and my own experience with this service, I can confirm that DoMyEssay sticks to these values by providing excellent solutions to students’ problems and maintaining their trust through high-quality service.

DoMyEssay is an online essay editing service that’s easy to use and secure. To place an order, all you need is to provide your requirements, pick the writer, and wait for a completed order to arrive. The payment takes place exclusively after you check your order and confirm satisfaction.

The main thing I love about DoMyEssay is the value for money it provides. The service delivers A-class help. At the same time, it keeps its prices very competitive and offers a wealth of pleasant discounts.


  • A-class team of writers and editors, with only 50 out of 1,000 candidates being hired.
  • Writing tailored to every customer’s needs, rewriting, and editing services.
  • A broad selection of assignment types and subjects that you can order at DoMyEssay.
  • End-to-end encryption and a solid privacy policy.
  • Pocket-friendly prices, regular promo codes, and automatic bulk discounts.
  • The possibility to request a free Turnitin report with your order.
  • Double deadline.

Why I Think They Are the Best

DoMyEssay doesn’t fall behind EssayService or EssayPro in terms of reputation and quality. It hasn’t been around for as long as EssayPro. Still, it receives high praise from students and independent reviewers, and it receives dozens of positive comments from customers every month.

The quality provided by this service is also beyond all expectations. Many students praise it for its custom approach and adherence to given guidelines, as well as for originality, great attention to detail, and high expertise. The paper I sent for editing to this service was purposefully written badly. It contained poorly chosen words and a lot of mistakes. Yet, the revised draft exceeded my expectations. It was accurate, error-free, original, and incredibly engaging to read.

The quality of customer support is also superb. The service takes care of its clients 24/7 and provides instant assistance via live chat. I tested the support a couple of times, and it was incredibly helpful.

Lastly and most importantly, I picked DoMyEssay for its value for money. Despite the top-notch quality, the service doesn’t break the bank. The starting prices are very affordable. Additionally, you save more if you order more pages. And there are occasional promo codes, too.

What Countries Do They Write For?

Unlike the previous websites, DoMyEssay doesn’t offer other website versions meant for users from different countries. Nevertheless, it can serve the needs of students from all across the world.

The website can be easily accessed from any country. The featured payment methods also work all across the world. The languages available are pretty standard — English, French, and Spanish. So, you can confidently use this service from any location as long as it covers your targeted language.


The prices for editing help at DoMyEssay start from only $5.4 per page for the school level and $5.7 per page for the college level. Additionally, there is an automated discount system that saves you money based on the number of pages you order — from 5% off for 2-page orders to 40% off.


  • Very competitive prices and significant discounts that let you save lots of money.
  • A double deadline feature allows you to give your editor an additional deadline and leave enough time for extra revisions if they are needed.
  • A fair selection of experts.
  • Good reputation on the market.
  • Unlimited free revisions.


  • Compared to some other platforms that I reviewed, DoMyEssay doesn’t have an extensive FAQ section. So, if you have questions, you might need to contact customer support.
  • It took some time to get a response from my editor in the chat. Though he answered an hour later, he answered all my questions.


DoMyEssay has a lot to offer for students of all levels, from a unique double deadline feature to exceptional quality and a guarantee of a high grade. It has everything to meet and exceed your needs. On top of that, it offers an awesome level of support and a direct communication channel between you and the selected expert, which also helps you get the best experience out of using this service.

After studying the website from A to Z, my final say is that DoMyEssay offers the best value for money. Thus, it is an essay editing platform students can really trust.

EssayHub — Best for Quick Help

If you want to make your life in college simple and stress-free, EssayHub is your best bet! It is a professional essay editing service that boasts a whopping 4.9-4.8/5 ratings on various review websites.

EssayHub was designed for students’ success. Throughout the years, the service has been solving students’ most complicated assignments by providing customer-oriented writing, rewriting, and editing help.

Thanks to a meticulous hiring process, EssayHub has gathered a stellar team of experts in the field of academic writing and editing. Here, you can hire American and Canadian experts with MA and Ph.D. degrees in various fields.

The efficiency of the site and the professionalism of its team make EssayHub a one-of-its-kind service. It can handle even the most complicated assignments for you in the shortest time. It’s the best option for situations when you have a pressing deadline and need quick help with no compromise on the quality.


  • A-grade quality of writing and editing that boosts students’ grades.
  • Lightning-fast delivery ahead of the deadline and an urgent order feature.
  • Customer-centered approach for maximum authenticity.
  • No tolerance for plagiarism and a free originality report.
  • Lots of freebies, such as a free title page, outline, and more.
  • Free revisions with no limitations.
  • Friendly and helpful customer support managers who are available 24/7.
  • Low rates for an incredibly high quality.
  • Complete anonymity.

Why I Think They Are the Best

If you ask me what makes EssayHub worth choosing, finding a single answer to this question would be rather difficult. The service maintains a perfect balance of everything, including customer care, efficiency, quality, timeliness, and affordability. It helps students cope with the most complicated tasks, and it never fails to meet their expectations.

The first thing I loved about EssayHub was a fair selection of experts. The service made their writers’ and editors’ profiles visible to everyone. Inside their profiles, you can find the general background info about each expert, as well as their ratings, success rates, and customer testimonials. The process of selecting the perfect expert for your order is rather complex, given the huge number of candidates. Yet, a professional and qualified team is always a good sign for an editing service.

Another thing that stunned me was the speed of work. I requested editing for a Ph.D. dissertation. The length of the paper was 105 pages, which is a lot. Still, my editor managed to handle the task ahead of the given deadline. And it was brilliant. According to customer reviews, EssayHub often delivers orders earlier, which makes it a perfect option for urgent help.

What Countries Do They Write For?

EssayHub is a fully legit company registered in the USA. The primary focus of the service is professional writing and editing help in the English language. Due to this reason, the service employs mostly native English speakers from the US and Canada. However, this doesn’t mean that students from other countries can’t use it.

EssayHub gladly welcomes students from all over the world who need expert academic help in English. Additionally, some of the service’s writers are native French and Spanish speakers.


EssayHub boasts prices that are much lower than the market’s average. The cost of academic writing help starts from $10.8 per page. For proofreading and editing, the prices are from $3 and $5 per page. On top of that, there are discounts and promo codes to save you money.


  • Urgent deadlines starting from only 3 hours and always punctual delivery.
  • A solid selection of experts with impeccable qualifications and 3+ years of experience.
  • Prices that are lower than the market’s average.
  • Complete privacy and safety.
  • Brilliant quality despite fast delivery.
  • Transparent revision and money-back policies.
  • No traces of plagiarism.


  • I tested customer support via email, and it took them an hour and a half to respond. Luckily, an online support chat works 24/7 and secures quick responses at any time.
  • Once again, choosing a suitable editor was very frustrating. Luckily, the support team helped me make the right choice.


Although I mentioned two small challenges I’ve faced during my experience with EssayHub, I can’t even call them cons. All in all, my experience with this service was smooth and extremely positive. The analysis of this service revealed that EssayHub strives for the best quality and easily achieves it. Many students come back to this service over and over again after trying it once.

In conclusion, I will title EssayHub the best essay editing platform for urgent help. With deadlines starting from 3 hours and deliveries ahead of time, it’s a helper that can back you up even when the deadline is just around the corner.

PaperWriter — Best for Complex Assignments


PaperWriter is the last pick on my list. It is a writing and editing service that really brings a lot to the table. It offers expert writing help for all types of assignments, starting from essays of all types and up to economic assignments and math problems. The range of subjects covered by this service is also large.

In terms of editing, PaperWriter excels over many of its competitors in terms of speed and quality of work. Students can order editing from real professionals, get their polished papers right before the deadline, and use them to boost their academic performance.

PaperWriter is seamless and easy to use. It can be handled even by students who have never used such services before.

Most importantly, the service is home to a huge number of the industry’s top writers, which enables it to handle the most complex assignments in the shortest time, securing high quality.


  • Writing, rewriting, and editing assistance for school, college, and other academic levels.
  • Carefully hand-picked writers from the US and Canada.
  • The possibility to review writers’ profiles and pick the one who suits you best.
  • The possibility of picking the most suitable deadline that can start from only 3 hours.
  • Guaranteed privacy and no need to share your personal data other than an email address and name.
  • Free outline, formatting, title page, plagiarism report, and more.

Why I Think They Are the Best

PaperWriter makes a positive impression from the start. The very first thing I liked was an appealing yet very simple design that doesn’t distract you. The navigation on the website also deserves a separate mention — all information is easily accessible, which makes using this service simple and intuitive.

Another thing I enjoyed was the order process. To get started, I had to complete a short form with the details and instructions for my paper. The entire process took me a minute or so, and I was ready to pick my editor. At this point, I have to admit that choosing an expert is always somewhat hard because they all seem to be perfect. However, a direct chat with writers enabled me to chat with a few candidates and helped me make up my mind.

Finally, the primary strength of PaperWriter (in my opinion) is the selection of experts. It might be a bit smaller compared to other services on this list. But the quality of experts is incredible. Many writers and editors at PaperWriter are actual teachers and professors. That is, they have sufficient knowledge and expertise to handle the most complex assignments according to the universal academic standards.

What Countries Do They Write For?

PaperWriter is an American service. Its headquarters is located in the USA, and the majority of its writers are also American. On top of that, the service offers a special phone line to deliver customer support for US students. All these facts made me think that the service works solely for the US market. But that’s not quite true.

In fact, PaperWriter is available globally. It also supports French and Spanish languages apart from English.


The prices at PaperWriter are very similar to other services from this list. The cost is also calculated individually, yet the starting point for editing help is $5.4 per page. Currently, there is also a promo code for 20% off. And there is an eternal system of discounts for bulk orders.


  • A lot of experts are teachers and professors with MA and Ph.D. degrees.
  • Outstanding writing and editing quality that deserves the highest grade.
  • Around-the-clock support service is available via phone, email, and chat.
  • Prices are affordable for students with different budgets, plus generous discounts.
  • 100% originality.
  • Complete privacy and a fully secure experience.


  • Compared to the other services on our list, the choice of writers and editors at PaperWriter is somewhat smaller. Yet, this makes the choice of an expert a bit easier.
  • The editor overlooked one of my guidelines, but she quickly fixed this issue after I asked for a free revision.


Although it takes the last place on my list, PaperWriter is no less reputable or trustworthy than other services I have selected. It has plenty of strong sides, including the quality that brings high grades, timely delivery, helpful customer support, and more.

The experience of working with this service was simply excellent. To conclude my overview, I have to admit that this service is your best pick for the most complicated assignments. Thanks to the high professionalism of its specialists, PaperWriter guarantees that all tasks will be completed to the highest standard, regardless of how voluminous or complex they are.

How I’ve Created This Top List

As someone who went to college not so long ago, I know first-hand that studying in college and keeping up with a hefty academic load is a real challenge. I know what it feels like to pull all-nighters to get another essay done or how desperately you may be calling for help when the load gets too intense and deadlines are pressing.

Luckily, today, there are services that provide students with much-needed help. To help you out, I carefully analyzed different options and selected the best essay editing services for you. Here is how I created this list.

Personal Experience

I have tested all the services on this list personally. I’ve tried some of them in the past when I was a student myself. Nevertheless, I’ve carefully studied and tested each of them again to provide you with the most up-to-date information. Each of these services has confirmed their professionalism, quality of work, adherence to deadlines, and other qualities.

Also, being in the field of reviews for quite a while already, I have many friends who are working for these and other services. They’ve provided me with valuable insights “from the inside” and helped me select the finest options.

Online Suggestions

Today, there are loads of academic help services on the web. Needless to say, they aren’t all the same. There are only a few great ones among dozens of mediocre and poor services. So, it’s crucial to pay attention to online suggestions to pick an option that’s actually worth your time.

To make the list of the best editing platforms, I carefully studied the reviews of students from forums, review platforms, social media, and other sources. I carefully analyzed the reputation of each service and only included the most recommended options on this list. Thus, all companies you’ve learned about here are 100% student-approved.

Detailed Analysis

Even considering student suggestions from the web, I couldn’t take it all for granted. In order to make my list complete, I carefully studied and analyzed every service to collect as much data as possible.

When I assessed every essay editing service, I first paid attention to the overall usability and customer experience. Then, I evaluated each service’s writers, service offerings, order processes, prices, guarantees, payments, and security.

Additionally, as was mentioned earlier, I tested the quality of work each company delivers. Such an in-depth approach enabled me to see the real quality of every service and recommend the best ones to you.

Peer Review

Finally, I wanted to make my review as unbiased and objective as possible. To do this, I couldn’t rely solely on my personal experience. Instead, I had to ensure that other people get the same positive experience with selected services. I had each service peer-reviewed by other experts and regular users and collected their feedback. Thus, as you read this review, you can rest assured that it’s 100% fair.

There you have it. As you can see, a lot of work and consideration was put into this analysis. Such a complex, multi-stage approach helped me craft a truly unbiased review that recommends the industry’s top services.

How to Find the Best Company?

When looking for a professional essay editing service, you need to consider a wide range of factors. The overall reputation and suggestions from other students and top lists like mine can help you see the big picture and understand which companies are worth trusting and which aren’t. Yet, the final choice comes down solely to your unique needs and preferences.

Consider the range of services offered by different companies:

  • What subjects are they proficient in?
  • What types of assignments do they deal with?
  • What citation styles can they work with?
  • Do they offer proofreading and editing, in particular?

The next crucial factor is the professionalism of editors. Ideally, the service you pick should only employ native English speakers with exceptional language proficiencies. They should possess at least a BA degree, or preferably an MA or Ph.D.

Other factors to keep in mind are safety, guarantees, price, payment options, and so on.


How are proofreading and editing different?

Proofreading is a detailed review of written content, focusing on quality and pinpointing needed corrections. Editing, however, entails preparing a text for submission or publication, which includes fixing errors, typos, and disparities in tone and style, thus refining the initial version to perfection.

These processes are closely linked, as error detection and analysis are essential steps in making corrections. Despite their importance, proofreading and editing are intricate and detail-oriented tasks, often posing a challenge to students who may struggle with limited time and reduced motivation.

To address this, professional editing services offer a solution. By selecting the best essay editing service, you can hand over your papers to expert editors, ensuring your work is polished and of high quality.

What makes editing so important?

Editing is the final stage of the essay writing process. Although many students tend to neglect this stage, it can never be skipped, at least if you want to score a high grade for your paper.

Without editing, you can’t secure the best outcomes of your writing. Obviously, without editing, your essay may contain grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors. It may also have typos. And all these issues can affect your final grade. Yet, that’s not all.

Without rigorous editing, your first draft may have a variety of additional issues, such as:

  • Non-compliance with the given requirements;
  • Poor originality;
  • Lack of clarity and logical flow of ideas;
  • Poor organization;
  • Bad word choice;
  • Awkward sentences and paragraphs;
  • Poor writing style, etc.

Professors assess all these aspects to grade you. Thus, in order to score an A, you want to ensure that everything in your paper is flawless, and a trusted college essay editing service can help.

Why is it hard to edit your own essays without using the best essay editing services?

Even if you fully understand the importance of editing, when it comes to polishing your own work, you may face certain difficulties. In fact, many writers (even professional ones) face challenges when revising their own writing, and there is a reason for that.

On various forums, professional writers and editors constantly emphasize that editing your own work is hard because you can never clearly see what is on the page. When it’s your writing, you know what you intended to say. So, instead of seeing an objective image of your text, you see it the way you wish it to be. This can make you overlook both minor and major issues in your work.

On top of that, students may encounter a few additional challenges. Namely, you may not have sufficient time to edit your work thoroughly. Also, you may lack the skills and experience needed to polish your work.

How can a professional editing service help you?

Since proofreading and editing your work is rather challenging, turning to a professional service sounds like a good idea. But how exactly can it help you?

It can bring you a number of perks:

  • Expertise — Often, students don’t know how to polish their essays simply because they’ve never done it before. They lack the skills to handle it. In this case, turning to experts can help you access the needed expertise.
  • More time — Writing even a short essay takes a while. Needless to say, editing it also takes time. As we all know, students’ schedules are incredibly busy, so it’s natural if you lack time to proofread your work after you have already spent hours writing it. In this case, a professional service will help you get more free time.
  • Less stress — Finally, proofreading and revising your work can be rather stressful, and professional editors can rid you of unnecessary stress.

When is it a good idea to turn to editing services?

As you already know, essay editing services can be helpful for you in a number of ways. The next question is — when do you need such services the most?

There are multiple occasions when using professional help is wise. Namely, you should consider this option when:

  • The deadline is just around the corner. Professionals can revise your work and bring it to perfection in the shortest time.
  • You lack time. If you are engaged in extracurricular activities or work part-time or full-time, it can be hard to carve out enough time for your assignments. Expert editors can do the hard work for you, letting you save time.
  • You have more important things to do. Proofreading and revising your papers can be especially untimely when you’ve got other pressing tasks. In this case, turning to professionals will let you focus on things that matter most without compromising your grades.

Why is it crucial to pick a good essay editing company?

So, you decided to request help from an online essay editor service. But how do you know it is a good essay editing company?

Due to the huge demand for online academic help, there are plenty of services that offer writing, proofreading, and editing help to students. Unfortunately, not all of them are good. There are services that scam students and steal their money. Also, there are services that deliver poor-quality help and are a total waste of time and money.

In order to ensure a positive experience and get a guaranteed high grade, you must choose your online helper wisely.

What makes the best essay editing company?

There are several qualities that distinguish a good service from a poor-quality one:

  • First of all, it’s professionalism and expertise. A good essay editing company should possess a proven track record of experience and employ qualified editors.
  • Also, a good service must be safe. It should rigorously protect your identity and transactions.
  • It should have a solid reputation. It’s always important to keep an eye on honest student reviews about a particular service provider to ensure that it’s worth your trust.
  • Finally, a good service should be reliable. It should provide you with guarantees and, most importantly, keep its promises.

What to look out for in essay editing companies?

In my extensive experience of reviewing and assessing different academic help services, I developed an effective grading system. Here are the key points to pay attention to when selecting the right service for you:

  • Quality;
  • Ease of use;
  • Deadlines and delivery;
  • Customer support;
  • Prices and discounts;
  • Guarantees and policies;
  • Writers/editors’ qualifications;
  • Reputation and reviews.

By assessing these factors, you should be able to pick a service that won’t let you down. Of course, collecting all this data on your own is hard and time-consuming. Luckily, I’ve already tested the most popular services to provide you with their comprehensive overviews.

Who will be editing my college essay for me?

The answer to this question depends on the specific service you pick. Sometimes, the editor will be assigned to you automatically by the service’s team. In this case, you never know for sure who’s working on your order.

Nevertheless, the services I selected for you all give you the possibility to pick your own editor. Each of the services keeps the identities of their experts publicly visible. That is, you can access their personal profiles and compare their backgrounds, education, success rates, ratings, and customer reviews to pick the best specialist.

What are the traits of a good editor?

When selecting the right expert for you, you will need to evaluate their skills and qualities to ensure they can meet your needs. Here are the key traits of a good editor that you can use as a roadmap for making the right choice:

  • Excellent language command;
  • Impeccable knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and syntax;
  • Good understanding of the key academic standards and requirements;
  • Background knowledge of the subject matter;
  • Creativity;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Research competence;
  • Good vocabulary;
  • Strong writing skills.

When picking a perfect editor, pay attention to these traits. Additionally, analyze the ratings and customer reviews about each expert.

How quickly can professionals edit my paper?

The answer to this question is individual and depends on a number of factors. Apart from the overall reliability and professionalism of the service, the time needed to edit your work will depend on:

  • The number of pages;
  • Task complexity;
  • Quality of the draft, etc.

The services I selected for you all offer flexible deadline systems. When placing an order, you can pick a deadline starting from only 3 hours and up to a month, whatever suits your needs best.

All these services guarantee that your order will be completed right on time or even earlier, despite the selected deadline.

How much will it cost me to ask professionals to edit my essay?

Typically, the price for every order is calculated individually. Some factors that affect the final cost are the academic level, type of task, number of pages, and, of course, the urgency of the task.

The cost of editing help in the selected services starts from only $5.4 per page. This price is significantly lower than the market’s average. Yet, the quality you receive is stellar.

Additionally, all platforms that I selected for you offer generous discounts. The discounts are applied automatically to the order based on the number of pages that you need and can go up to 40%.

Will my paper be original?

Absolutely! All services I hand-picked for you have firm zero-plagiarism policies and always strive for uniqueness in every work they deliver. They acknowledge the importance of originality in academic writing and the consequences of plagiarizing academic papers. That’s why they always craft the ordered papers from scratch.

When it comes to proofreading and editing, these helpers also pay special attention to the uniqueness of the content. After revising your paper, they will also analyze it with the help of advanced anti-plagiarism software and ensure that there is no plagiarism. You can request a uniqueness report along with your order to ensure originality.

Will I be able to request additional edits?

Sure! When turning to professional academic help services, students expect to get the best quality. To make this possible, the services from my list all have transparent revision policies.

These services enable you to check the final version of your order when it’s completed and request an unlimited number of revisions free of charge if there is anything you’d like to change in the final draft. You can ask for revisions from the same writer or even pick a different one if you want someone else to take a look at your work. Feel free to use this opportunity.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Of course! When turning to professional editing services for the first time, many students face a lot of doubts and concerns. They are afraid that the selected service will fail to meet their expectations. And, of course, they are afraid of losing their money.

As an expert in reviewing writing services, I always pay attention to money-back policies that ensure a safe and risk-free experience for students. The editing services from this list all have transparent and honest refund policies. They guarantee to return your money in case they fail to meet your needs. Thus, using them is absolutely safe!

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