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Article Evaluation Assignment Instructions

Purpose: In this assignment, you will apply the skills you learned from Chapter 8 of the textbook, and the course presentation on research. You must review this material before beginning the assignment.

Overview: You will locate, evaluate, and cite an article for a pretend research paper. While you will not need to write an actual paper, you will need to demonstrate your ability to conduct a search on the Jerry Falwell Library website, evaluate an article for quality and credibility, and cite your sources with integrity.

Instructions: In this assignment, you will:

  • Choose a topic to research from the options in Step 1.
  • Search for and locate an appropriate article for your paper. Your article must be:
    • Appropriate for writing a paper on the chosen topic (relevant).
    • Written by a credible author.
    • Scholarly in nature.
    • Current for the field of research—in this instance, no more than 5 years old.
    • Objectively written.
  • Evaluate your article for quality and credibility.
  • Cite your source with integrity.

Follow the steps below and record your responses to each question in the space provided.

Note: Your score for this assignment is based on your accurate evaluation of your chosen article, not on meeting the criteria of the pretend research paper. Do not change articles if you find that yours is deficient on some point. Instead, perform a thorough evaluation of the article selected, as this is the basis for your grade.

Step 1. Obtain a topic:

Mark your chosen topic with an X.



The importance of time management as an online student  


How adult learning theory applies to online learners  


Academic integrity in online higher education  


Learning preferences and online students

Step 2. Search for and locate a scholarly article that is related to your topic:

Criteria Your Responses
Article Search  
What search terms did you initially use when looking for your article?  
Criteria Your Responses
Article Search (continued)  
Did you have to alter your search terms to find an article? What search terms did you end up using?  
Paste the permalink for your article in the box.  
How does your chosen article relate to your topic?  



Step 3. Evaluate your article for quality and credibility:

Criteria Your Responses
Who is/are the author/s?  
How is/are the author/s qualified to write this article? (You may need to conduct a Google search to find out more about your author/s.)  
Is this a credible source? Why or why not?  
What is the name of the publication in which your article was printed?  
Is the article written in a formal or informal style? Provide an example.  
Does the article include references to other publications? If so, how many? (This information is often available on the article information page.)  


Criteria Your Responses
Scholarly (continued)  
Was this article peer-reviewed? How can you tell? (This information is often available on the article information page.)  
Is this a scholarly article? Why or why not?  
In what year was your article published?  
Is this a current article?  
Why is it important that your article for this paper was published within the last 5 years?  
Does/do the author/s have a bias, or conflict of interest, which might impact his or her/their objectivity?  
Does/do the author/s consider alternative viewpoints and approach them fairly? Provide an example.  
Does/do the author/s use objective wording, or is the wording subjective or affected by emotions? Provide examples.  
Would this be considered an objective source? Why or why not?  
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