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Hurricane Katrina Debris Management


For this essay you will need to identify an area of interest for researching. You will need to then formulate a topic pertinent to this area of interest and conduct organized and documented research to investigate this issue. You will not be taking a side and presenting an argument.  Remember that this is a research report, not a persuasive essay.

You will be expected to write a full investigative report and present research from credible sources to back up your findings. Developing a viable topic – subject to my approval – is part of this assignment and might take some time as well as some research of your general area of interest. A preliminary search of your general topic will likely present questions and issues which generate more specific topics pertaining to your area of interest.

•This should be a minimum of four to five pages, double-spaced and written in MLA formatting. The Works Cited page is not considered part of the required four pages.

•You are asked to utilize and cite a minimum of four sources. They must be trusted credible sources appropriate for scholarly research.

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