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Intercultural communication about intercultural marriages


Intercultural communication about intercultural marriages

Paper Instructions

A 1 page essay on intercultural marriages , based on the entire culture ,not just the language. 3 primary sources in addition to the text book

Intercultural communication is an increasingly important aspect of communication in  today’s ever widening global society.In addition, untold numbers of individuals live  every day of their lives ‘on the border’which is to say they live and participate in two  cultures; many immigrant families now seek to maintain as much of their own cultural  heritage as possible, intercultural marriages are no longer a rarity, universities the world  over seek to attract students from other countries, businesses seek to establish and maintain a global presence by sending employees to foreign countries. Successful intercultural communication is in fact based on the study of the entire culture, not just the necessary language skills.
Intercultural communication isn’t being fluent in another language.In fact, it is quite possible to be successful in another culture with somewhat limited language skills, or be fluent in another language yet be unsuccessful in the culture. Ultimately, it is the study of every aspect of a culture: how power, leadership, time, relationships, obligations, freedoms, etc. are viewed.
Choose any aspect of intercultural communication.
(The easiest way to do this is to use the index of the text
book.) De Vito 7th ed.
Research the aspect using at least three primary sources in  addition to the text book.
Write a page, double spaced essay that thoroughly  analyzes explains the aspect chosen.
Be sure essay is well organized and well supported.
Include  a bibliography
(Works Cited) at the end of the essay.

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