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Reflection Essay on Writing 39C


The paper provides a reflection on Writing 39C.

Composing Process

Q: Explain what you have learned about the process of generating a research-based composition.

Q: How did conducting research all throughout the drafting process help you to make decisions about the organizational logic of your compositions and essays? In what ways, specifically, did you formulate and reformulate research strategies, framing questions, and guiding claims/arguments by using research?

2. Rhetoric, Argumentation, & Multi-modal Communication

Q: Can you explain how you arrived at the solutions you chose to advocate? Did you experiment with other solutions before deciding on the one(s) you chose to advocate? Was there a specific moment when your thesis became clear to you, and can you explain what you did to arrive at such a moment of clear insight?

3. Revision

Q: Explain how you benefitted from feedback from your teacher and from your peers both in workshops and in office hours. How do you respond to criticism? What sort of critic are you becoming? Use examples of feedback you received on your work-in-progress, your final versions, and in workshops, as well as advice you gave to your peers to address these questions.

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