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Placement Progress Information (1)

What are your overall placement objectives?

(do check that these are clear/ achievable and relevant to you and your aims/ progress and development)

Thinking about my year ahead, these are things I hope to gain from my placement at BS Country Club over the next year;

  1. I hope to be a valuable member if the team at work and feel valuable/ needed in the workplace.
  1. Gain more experience and a wider perspective into the work industry as well as gain skills that I can put to future employment after university.
  2. I hope to grow in independence professionally and personally as my work place is in a different country.

Company Details:

Nature of business, size, national/international, products, markets etc

BS is an award winning, five star, private platinum country club in Boca Raton, Florida. It offers its high quality and beauty to the members of the BS community and offers everything from family membership to venues for private functions. Its lifestyle includes two modern clubhouses; the main clubhouse and the OC. The OC features two unique golf courses and is host to one of the biggest Championships in the word; Tour Allianz Championship. The main clubhouse has multiple dining venues offering different events frequently to its members. It further includes twenty seven residential villages, a spa and fitness centre along with aquatics facilities and tennis courts.

Placement Details

What does your job involve? Include specific responsibilities.

As an employee of the country club my job entails working mainly at the Spa and Fitness Centre in an Admin Assistant. This role involves specific responsibilities such as; answering telephones and booking appointments for the Spa, Salon and Fitness facilities as well as scheduling members in for events held there. I meet and greet clients, members and guests and provide any information needed in regards to the Spa and Fitness Centre as well as take payments for services provided to the members. My job is heavily computer based and I create and modify many documents in correlation to the business and perform general clerical duties eg photocopying, faxing, mailing, filing. In correspondence to the event side of the job I liaise with managers in creating event schedules and have aided the general flow of events by making sure I show the members where they need to be at specific times. Prior to this I also get involved with the events the Spa and Fitness Centre holds by creating promotional advertisement within the club.

What have been your key experiences so far?

My key experience so far has been being involved within the events and seeing the end result of what has been put together for the members of BS. The Spa and Fitness Expo required our whole team to get involved and give all their efforts. The gym put on demonstrations and showed the advantages they could provide from their skills and knowledge to the members as well as the diverse classes and activates and products. The spa offered mini treatment services to demonstrate to the members what treatments were being offered to them. Members had to book in advance in order to signed up for a mini treatment; the same applied with the salon services. We also brought in outside clients who work with the country clubs spa and fitness sentence and had them set up stalls to explain and promote products. Food and beverage was also available to the members all night and overall was an extremely successful night in achieving the notion of promoting the centre.

Which skills have you demonstrated you possess, and what skills are you developing

I have demonstrated many skills that I already had attained from previous experience; organization skills and time management being one of the biggest. Making appointments and scheduling professionally has required these skill as well as my personal life. Being abroad I have had to take on even more independence and responsibility. I have made my own budgeting sheet in order to save money and see my incomings and outgoings. I further design schedules for myself to keep myself planned and organised for the upcoming days, weeks and months. In my professional work I have demonstrated great communication. This is especially important to me as I have had to be very assertive with some members and in effect ‘put my foot down’ and face confrontation which is something I used to find hard but it is a skill that I have developed and continue to develop.

What have you learnt about yourself since you started your placement?

I have learnt that I can do anything I put my mind to. I have travelled to a new country and been taken completely out of my depth and embraced a different culture, new people and a new job. I have pushed myself hard to make this job related to events as much as possible. It has been extremely hard but I feel like I have achieved this and done it by myself. Furthermore I have learnt that I find it hard to do such an office based job and realised that I prefer to be a busy body constantly on the move and taking on diverse tasks, meeting new people and bringing success to the company in doing so. I feel like I have really learnt that I am a valuable member of my team and a real team player.

What did you learn from your manager’s feedback?

As a result of the feedback, what objectives have you set yourself?

Which academic units have supported you in your role?

-Event Management

-People and Performance


-Research Methods


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