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The Pointlessness of Human Endeavors - Cloud Essays

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The Pointlessness of Human Endeavors


The Pointlessness of Human Endeavors-Turabian

“The Lottery” and “The Destructors”


  1. Introduction
  2. Introduce stories and authors
  3. How the similarities and differences confirm many human pursuits are cruel and pointless
  4. Thesis-The themes of these two stories portray the global mentality, the cruelty, and the pointlessness of all human endeavors apart from Jesus Christ
  5. Body
  6. Theme
  7. State themes of both stories
  8. How they differ
  9. The universal similarities
  10. How they relate to thesis
  11. Plot
  12. How the plot helps construct theme
  13. The gathering, the drawing, the stoning-The Lottery
  14. The introduction of a new gang member, the big idea, the final destruction-The Destructors
  15. How they relate to thesis
  • Conclusion
  1. Life is like a short story
  2. Everyone plays his or her part

C. Is one aware of one’s role

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