History Government and Political Science

History Government and Political Science

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  • LGE 500 Week 10 Discussion 1


    “Underlying Causes”

    Please respond to the following:
    Analyze at least three underlying causes for the creation of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Next, rank the causes that you have analyzed from the most important to the least important to the creation of the Act. Explain your rationale.

  • Causes and consequences of European empire building overseas


    Topic: What were the causes and consequences of European empire building overseas?

    2 pages

  • Thucydides’ representation of the Athenians and Athenians on the Parthenon Frieze


    Drama 88

    Day 4

    • How does Thucydides’ representation of the Athenians compare with the representation of the Athenians on the Parthenon Frieze?
    • Is it possible to empathize with a character that has done the unthinkable?

    3 pages

  • International Law and Torture Camps


    International Law and Torture Camps

    Why doesn’t international law prevent the existence of torture camps?

    10 Pages

  • Behaviors make it politically difficult to promote and implement a preparedness policy


    Behaviors make it politically difficult to promote and implement a preparedness policy

    Anything that involves the public has both policy and political implications. Preparedness requires coordination between many groups.  Please write 3 paragraphs. In each paragraph describe a behavior that is almost guaranteed to make it politically difficult to successfully promote and implement a preparedness policy, and end the paragraph with a sentence or two describing ways to minimize the damage that can be done by careless personal or organizational behavior.

  • A report of the USA Federal Reserve System and its Role as a Central Bank


    ASB1202 Financial Markets and Institutions: Assignment


    The aim of this assignment is to produce a well-structured, well-written and well-researched report, demonstrating your ability to apply the theoretical concepts of central banking to your chosen central bank.


    Prepare a report on ONE of the following central banks:

    1. 1. The Bank of England
    2. 2. The European Central Bank
    3. 3. The Federal Reserve System

    Your report should include the following:

    • Definition of a central bank and a brief discussion of the organisational structure of your chosen central bank
    • A brief discussion of the key roles of a central bank
    • An overview of the tools of monetary policy and a discussion of the application of monetary policy by your chosen central bank
    • Critically evaluate the lender of last resort (LOLR) function and briefly discuss your chosen central bank’s policy on LOLR and any recent applications of LOLR


    This assignments counts for 40% of the final module mark.

    Word limit: 2,000 words maximum (excluding references and appendices)

    As the assignment will be marked electronically please apply the following formatting:

    • Font size 12
    • 1.5 line spacing
    • Justified text

    Your assignment should be referenced using the Harvard referencing style. Please see the following guide for further details:

    Use a range of  reliable sources (e.g. textbooks, journal articles, financial press) to inform your work.

    Suggested structure for the report:

    1. Title page
    2. Abstract/executive summary: 200-400 word summary of the report, easily understandable for readers who are not familiar with the
    3. Contents page
    4. Introduction: providing and introduction to your work, including a broad description of the topic, providing an outline for the rest of the report
    5. Main body of the report: discuss the main points of your report here
    6. Conclusion and reflection: summarise the main findings of your report, reflecting on what you have learned
    7. References: Harvard style
    8. Appendices: any additional information e.g. graphs, diagrams etc… ensuring that they have been referenced correctly (where applicable)

    Marking criteria:

    Marks will be assigned in accordance with the following criteria:

    • Quality of background research and its analysis and presentation
    • Structure and presentation of the report, including writing quality
    • Appropriate and correct referencing, using the Harvard referencing style
    • Ability to critically evaluate evidence i.e. to support your work with evidence from the relevant literature
  • The third party in American national politics has been historically unsuccessful in elections


    Use critical thinking and logic to analyze third parties in American national politics

    Write a formal deductive essay, 1-2 pages long, based on the subject of critical thinking, logic, and rhetoric.

    Topic: Has the third party in American national politics been historically unsuccessful in elections? If so, why? If not, why not?

    Include a title page and reference page, but exclude table of contents. Page count does not include either the title page or the reference page. Use at least 2 but no more than 5 references with at least 1 reference from an academic journal article.

    Writing expectations include competency in the following:
    Sentence Structure
    Verb Tense and Agreement
    Pronoun Use
    Introduction & Conclusion

    Other Useful Tips:
    Must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in
    12-point Times New Roman.

    Do not use “too many” quotes and do not use any long quotes. I would rather have you paraphrase the authors. Besides, quotes do not count toward your page total (and I know you can do a better job paraphrasing)!

    If you use a quote from an author, you must provide a page number.

  • Why does federal Indian law need to be reformed


    You must answer the assignment questions below in essay format.  Your essay must be 6 – 7 pages, typed, stapled, double-spaced, and properly cited.  You must include references to at least five of the course readings (you can also reference the films/videos/websites we have used in class but these do not replace the reading citations). Limit citing the lectures. Make sure to cite your material properly or you will lose points

    Assignment guidelines:

    • Clearly articulate your ideas, points, arguments, assertions etc.
    • Referencing articles/readings: Incorporate material from the readings into your analysis by (1) reworking the reading material in your own words and then citing/referencing the reading at the end, and/or (2) using specific short quotes and then providing the reference/citation immediately after the end quote.
    • Reference/citation style: you can use parenthetical referencing, foot or endnote style.
    • Establish a short introduction and conclusion drawing in the key points discussed in your essay.
    • Provide a Works Cited at the end of your essay.

    * Your essay will be graded on content, clarity, grammar, presentation, organization, and your use of the reading material to support your analysis.



    According to Walter Echo-Hawk (which is the reading in 50.doc) and your analysis after taking this class, why does federal Indian law need to be reformed?

    Identify and analyze one recent legal case and one recent law and/or policy (1950s to present) that represents the good side of federal Indian law.  How did this case and this legislation/policy support/affirm tribal sovereignty and strengthen tribal self-government and/or treaty rights

    Identify and analyze one recent legal case and recent law and/or policy (1950s to present) that represents the bad side of federal Indian law. How did this case and this legislation/policy undermine tribal sovereignty and weaken tribal self-government and/or treaty rights?

    According to Echo-Hawk and your analysis after taking this class, what are the factors that have aligned to create a favorable climate for reforming federal Indian law to support tribal sovereignty and self-government? How does Echo-Hawk propose we reform federal Indian law, as well as utilize the UNDRIP in this legal reform to strengthen tribal sovereignty and self-government? What are your thoughts on this reform process?

    In one or two sentences, what are your thoughts on federal Indian law and what you have learned in this class?

  • Regulatory Enforcement and Compliance


    Project Report requirements:

    Topic: regulatory enforcement and compliance;

    Accuracy Issue

    critically analyse the role of management accountant in this issue.

     Discuss the issue.

     Clearly explain why is important to consider it as key issue, why it need to be addressed now,

    what are the implications of this issue for the accounting profession (including society and community).

    Recommendations: clearly explain what is being done to overcome the and what further needs to be done (in terms of additional resources, training, legislations, accounting standards etc) by multiple stakeholder to minimise the impact of this issue.

    1 reference.