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On the Equality of the Sexes Vs. On Being Brought from Africa


On the Equality of the Sexes Vs. On Being Brought from Africa

Read On the Equality of the Sexes, 739- 747 On the Religion of Nature, 762-764On Being Brought from Africa, 764-766

First 1 and ½ pages
What do these three works have in common with each other?  Explain how the people in these texts “see” themselves and their place in the world.

Second ½ page  
Explain and evaluate what is the author saying about the “equality of the sexes” (739)?

The first 1 and ½ pages
Students will complete Reading Responses each week. Questions appear on each week’s Module under each week’s reading assignments. Students are required to answer these questions in a double-spaced response. Reading responses are to be submitted by their due dates. Reading Responses are evaluated as follows:

  • 10 Points (A): Thoroughly responds to response question in 1 and 1/2 double-spaced pages; includes discussion of all required readings; incorporates several quotes in responding to the question; analyzes the readings by providing insight and clarity; refrains from summarizing plots; conforms to appropriate format (see student sample posted under Course Information)

Second ½ pages
8 font single space not double spaced Briefly discuss King James’ beliefs about witches, and relate this to what is happening in Massachusetts.

Total writing is two pages

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