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Promoting Family Wellness and Preventing Child Maltreatment; Chapters 4 and 5


Promoting Family Wellness and Preventing Child Maltreatment; Isaac Prilleltensky, Geofrey Nelson, & Leslea Peirson

Chapters 4: Social Policies for Promoting the Well-Being of Canadian Children and Families & Chapter 5: Programs for Preschool and Elementary-School Children

Question: Prilleltensky et al. (2001) emphasized the significance of how parent education and training programs need to look at the importance of gender roles in families and how power is distributed among family members. “There is an important need in such programs to engage fathers more actively in their families and in the interventions that are designed to promote family wellness” (Westney, Cole & Mumford, 1988). What changes and adaptations do you think these programs can make to engage fathers more actively? Furthermore, what kind of benefits do you think the engagement of a father figure can potentially have on the well-being of the child and his or her family structure?

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