Copy and paste this entire assignment into a word processing document. Enter your answers/work, and copy (Control C) and paste (Control V) the entire assignment back into a message to me.

Your goal on all practice quizzes and assessments in 65% or higher. You can take all except A/B Practice assessments as many times as you need to master the content.


  1. Complete an ATI Focused Review® and send me a detailed summary (2-3 sentences each) of 4 concepts that you learned from the focused review.


  1. Answer the following questions and review suggested learning activities. Send me your answers here.
​A client asks the nurse to explain the different types of advance directives. What information should be provided regarding living wills, durable power of attorney and DNR orders?
Which ergonomic principles should the nurse implement when assisting a client from a bed to a stretcher to prevent patient injury? Select all that apply.Determine the client’s ability to helpEvaluate the need for additional staffRaise the head of the bed to high Fowler’s positionProvide sliding board

Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Ergonomic Principles

​What are the nurse’s responsibilities when delegating tasks?
A nurse is caring for a client with dysphagia following a stroke. Which of the following referrals is priority?

A. Speech therapy for swallowing study
B. Occupational therapy for fine motor control therapy
C. Physical therapy for strengthening exercises
D. Home health care for home safety analysis

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Nutrition and the Older Adult

A nurse is caring for several clients receiving intravenous therapy. What are actions the nurse should use to prevent IV infections?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Peripheral IVs
A nurse is receiving an order to restrain a client with acute psychosis who is a danger to himself and others. What must the nurse ensure is included in the prescription for the physical restraints?
Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Restraints
List the steps for safely administering an ophthalmic medication.
A nurse is caring for a client that exhibits signs and symptoms of aspiration during their enteral feeding. What is a priority intervention the nurse should carry out?Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Enteral Feeding
A nurse is providing discharge information to a client prescribed home oxygen therapy via nasal cannula. Which of the following should the nurse include in this education? (Select all that apply.)
A. Apply petroleum jelly around and inside the nares.
B. Remove the nasal cannula during mealtimes.
C. Check the position of the cannula frequently.
D. Report any nasal stuffiness, nausea, or fatigue.
E. Post “no smoking” signs in a prominent location.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Home Safety

Identify two (2) hand-off tools that a nurse can use to relay information to another health provider to improve communication.
​A nurse is preparing for a procedure with a client who has a latex allergy. What action should the nurse take regarding this allergy?

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Medical and Surgical Asepsis

Identify three (3) nursing interventions to protect skin integrity for an immobile client.Suggested Fundamental Learning Activity: Mobility and Immobility
​List the steps for mixing a short acting and long acting insulin in the same syringe.
​A client is unresponsive and breathing agonally after cardiopulmonary resuscitation has been provided. The family asks about “do not resuscitate” (DNR) because of their concern with aggressive treatment with all that has been provided. What is the role of the provider in this situation?
​Describe two (2) priority nursing considerations for a client who appears to be having an allergic reaction to his medication.
​What are possible role problems in family functioning following an acute event?

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Family Dynamics

A newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and is terrified to perform glucose monitoring. Identify two (2) points the nurse should teach the client to minimize pain.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity:  Glucose Monitoring

​​A nurse is caring for an older adult client.  Identifythree (3) physical changes related to aging the nurse should anticipate.
​The provider orders 500 mL vancomycin to infuse over 6 hours. How many mL will the client receive per hour? Round the answer to the nearest whole number.

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Math

​A client was prescribed a fentanyl transdermal patch for pain control. What teaching should the nurse provide for this client?
What principles of wound care should the nurse include when completing wound care for a client with sutures?

Suggested Fundamentals Learning Activity: Wound Care


  1. Complete the pre-test, tutorial and post-test for the following 3 skills modules:  ***Nutrition, Feeding, & Eating , *Nasogastric Intubation, & Personal Hygiene* Your goal on the quizzes is 65% or higher.



  1. Complete the following practice assessment.  After the assessment, please complete the Focused Review AND quiz under study materials.

RN Fundamentals 2019 A



RN Fundamentals 2019 B




  1.  Create a custom exam and complete 5 Board Vitals questions using the following content areas.  Access the BoardVitals quiz bank on under MY ATI under the NCLEX Prep tab.  Access instructions for using BoardVitals in the announcement section of this classroom. Send me the summaries of two nursing concepts you reviewed from your Board Vitals quiz to indicate completion.

While you are taking the quiz, jot down any topics/areas you aren’t sure of, miss, or just want to know more about. Once you finish your custom BoardVitals Exam, review those topics thoroughly. You may use your ATI eBooks, school text books, and/or the classroom Learning Activities to develop these summaries. Write the assigned number of topic summaries, including the most critical and applicable nursing information taken from your review about each of the topics.  Each summary should be 3-5 sentences in length. You might choose to add 3 connections to nursing practice for each one….what kind of assessments or nursing activities would you implement when faced with a patient having this issue, etc.

RN Graduates
  • Physiological Integrity – Basic Care & Comfort and Safety
  • Gerontology
  • Alternative Format: Physiological Integrity- Basic Care and Comfort
  • Effective Care Environment – Safety & Infection Control
  • Nutrition
  • Alternative Format: Safe & Effective Care Environment – Safety & Infection Control


  1. Complete the Fundamentals Learning Systems 1&2 and Gerontology Practice Quiz.



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