Prevalence of AI-Generated Content in Education
Prevalence of AI-Generated Content in Education

January and February 2023

AI-generated content has been receiving, rightfully so, quite a bit of attention, particularly its role and impact on education. Considering its wide-ranging implications, many have been asking: just how prevalent is the use of AI-generated content in education? Is this the end of the written assignment? And what can educators do to leverage AI-generated content as a potential learning tool, much like the calculator?

To provide some clarity, we compiled this study using anonymized data from tens of thousands of college and high school students worldwide using Copyleaks from January and February 2023. The findings are striking, requiring further exploration of the role of AI-generated content within and beyond the world of education.

Summary Findings:

11.21% Of all college papers and assignments contained AI-generated content.
12.18% Of high school student papers and assignments contained AI-generated content.
9.27% Of college student papers and assignments contained AI-generated content.

Percent of Papers and Assignments
Containing AI-Generated Content by Country 

Use of AI generated content across the world map

The Highest and Lowest Use 
of AI-Generated Content 

26.02% US-Based Public Research University
2.50% US-Based Private College

Month-Over-Month Change in the
Use of AI-Generated Content 

(January vs. February 2023) 

+103.95% Global Increase Across US-based Students
+95.30% Global Increase Across Students

Even after being told their assignments would be checked for AI-generated content, 
month-over-month there’s been a significant increase among high school students… 

+270.11% - Increase Across US-Based High School Students, +237.15% - Global Increase Across High School Students

…and a noticeable decrease among college students, who were also 
informed about their assignments being checked for AI-generated content. 

-41.37% - Decrease Across US-Based College Students, -38.90% - Global Decrease Across College Students

The decrease has been consistent across all college types within the United States. 

-45.73% - Decrease Across Career and Technical Colleges
-17.07% - Decrease Across Community Colleges
-62.50% - Decrease Across Private Colleges
-44.63% - Decrease Across Public Colleges

Source: Copyleaks

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