Business and Management

Business and Management

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  • Financial Adviser Interview


    Interview (Q&A)

    Seminar in Personal Financial Planning

    Portfolio Construction

    Using the 3-5 stocks recommended by your financial advisor/planner when conducting your interview (Assignment 2) as a foundation, your assignment will be to come up with a portfolio of 15-20 stocks that you would invest in using $100,000. For each stock, you are to complete the following information (See chapter 12 for guidance):

    • Provide your reason for why you selected each stock
    • Using the company’s financials (which can be found on financial websites such as or, provide the following measures for each company (you can put these in excel if you prefer):
      • Book Value
      • Net Profit Margin
      • Return on Equity
      • Earnings per Share
      • Price/Earnings Ratio
      • Dividend Yield (if any)
      • What industry is the stock in
      • How much are you investing in each stock
    • Finally, put a portfolio together using a virtual portfolio tracker (i.e. and attach the portfolio to the back of your assignment.

    5 pages

  • A proposal on managing a university


    The paper is a research proposal about managing a university.

    13 pages

    APA Format

  • Sophisticated Systems at Suffolk Company


    The paper is about Sophisticated Systems. It analyzes Sophisticated Systems as used in Suffolk Company.

    Paper Contents

    • Management information systems
    • Technology management
    • Advantages of employing sophisticated systems

    3 pages

    APA Format


  • Gap Analysis and its Applications


    Gap Analysis and its Applications

    Gap Analysis is useful at the beginning of a project when developing a Business Case , and it’s essential when you’re identifying the tasks that you need to complete to deliver your project.

    Gap Analysis is not specifically mentioned as a technique in PMBOK or in PRINCE2 . However, it’s a useful tool that you can apply when working with both of these project management methodologies.

    The Paper is about gap analysis and its application, advantages and disadvantages

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  • Leadership & Management



    The theoretical understanding of leader/manager-roles as described in the scholarly literature demonstrated

    Word Count: 1500

    Must meet the following criteria:

    1. Critically examine leadership & management in theory
    2. Critically explores the core concepts of leadership and management relative to personal and workplace context
    3. Present work at the appropriate academic standard -6TH Ed APA referencing style
    4. You need to expand on the differences between leadership and management – make sure both concepts are used (hence leadership & management) – this section should be a maximum of 500 words.
    5. You have chosen authentic leadership and  you need to summarize the key findings about  this leadership style – what is the literature saying  about authentic leadership  – up to 1000 words


    Critically examine the differences between leadership/ and management, examine and reflect upon the empirical evidence underpinning a leadership or management theory/concept.


    • Use the scholarly literature to distinguish between leadership and management
    • Select a leadership or management concept, and summarise the key empirical findings from the scholarly literature
    • Use your work environment to reflect on these findings.
    • Use reference from the reading list attached

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  • Surviving the Recession as a Human Resource Professional


    Surviving the Recession as a Human Resource Professional

    Surviving the Recession as a Human Resource Professional:Executive Summary

    The paper discusses how to surviving the Recession as a Human Resource Professional.

    Executive Summary with Recommendations

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    This paper explores the operations on the management and processes that have been affected by the Dubai airport. It describes the operations that are being carried in the airport and why the airport is able to stand the changing global evolution.

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    APA Format



    The paper analyzes some of the strategies that the athletic department may use for recruitment.

    7 pages


  • Apple’s Inc. Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies


    1.Examine Apple’s current position on the company’s ethical and social responsibilities, and determine whether or not the company has met these responsibilities. Provide two (2) examples that support your position.
    2.Determine the impact that the publication of ethics and social responsibilities violations made by Apple’s suppliers has had on Apple’s reputation. Support your response with examples of the impact in question.
    3.Suggest two (2) methods that Apple can utilize to ensure that its suppliers adhere to wage and benefits standards going forward. Justify your response.
    4.Determine whether or not you believe that Apple’s customers would be willing to pay more for its products if Apple had to increase selling prices in order to provide better wages and benefits for suppliers’ workers. Provide a rationale for your position.
    5.Analyze Apple’s current overall marketing strategy. Recommend two (2) actions that Apple can take in order to improve its competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Support your response with examples of instances where your recommendations yielded the desired results.
    6.Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia does not qualify as an academic resource.
    Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

    •Examine the private enterprise systems, drivers of change on the system, ethical and social responsibilities of business, and the requirements for success in today’s business environment.
    •Analyze the factors that drive supply and demand, different types of market structures in a free enterprise system, and factors of stability in a nation’s economy.
    •Use technology and information resources to research issues in contemporary business.
    •Write clearly and concisely about contemporary business using proper writing mechanics.

    7 pages

    APA – 10 References