Business and Management

Business and Management

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  • Reflection About Time Management


    Reflection About Time Management

    The paper is a reflection about time management.

    Essays must be a minimum of 7 pages in length with the recommended length of 7-10 pages.
    Essays must demonstrate a BALANCE between LEARNING (THEORY) and EXPERIENCE.
    Essays must be double-spaced and proofread prior to submission.
    The Standard APA style format should be followed when writing your essays.  Any outside sources used must be internally cited and a reference page must be included at the end of the essay.
    When referring to your learning, you need to state that you have learned.  Ways to do that include  “I’ve learned”, “I’ve determined”, “I’ve acquired”, “I’ve surmised”, “I’ve acknowledged”, “I’ve realized”, etc.
    This is an EXPERIENTIAL ESSAY. I have attached my autobiography and another paper of mine to help you understanding of my life experience. The essay topic is Stress management. Basically saying “this is how I learned managing stress from my life experiences”


    8 pages

  • EBay SWOT Analysis


    The paper is a SWOT Analysis for EBay Inc.

    4 pages

    APA Format

  • Business law portfolio


    Business law portfolio

    Create a business law portfolio.  The portfolio will be made up of timely news articles that are relevant to the chapters being covered.  In addition to the article you must write a brief summary of the legal issue found in the article.  Attach the website link of the article and type the summary on each page.  You should be able to put two to three articles and summaries on one page.

    Chapters are as follows:

    Chapter 1 – Introduction to Legal Reasoning
    Chapter 2 – Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution
    Chapter 3 – Court Procedures
    Chapter 5 – Ethics and Business Decision Making
    Chapter 6 – Intentional Torts
    Chapter 7 – Negligence and Strict Liability
    Chapter 9 – Internet Law, Social Media and Privacy
    Chapter 10 – Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes
    Chapter 11 – Nature and Terminology
    Chapter 12 – Agreement
    Chapter 13 – Consideration
    Chapter 14 – Capacity and Legality
    Chapter 15 – Mistakes, Fraud, and Voluntary Consent
    Chapter 16 – The Statute of Frauds
    Chapter 17 – Third Party Rights
    Chapter 18 – Performance and Discharge
    Chapter 19 – Breach of Contract and Remedies

    11 Pages



    The paper is about Business Intelligence System  and its applicability in health care delivery system.


    Business Intelligence System (BIS) is a skilled procedure of gathering raw data and transforming them into knowledge or instruction. BIS have come to be a competent access to building practical and skilled or intelligent decision support systems in physical and health care domains. Business Intelligence (BIS) is a structured access to provide and use the information to execute any sort of activity in business and it contributes in transforming unripe data into knowledgeable information that can be applied in deriving value .It can related as a value proposal or statement that support enterprises, business, organizations and in the delivery of health care services, helping them in all sort of decision-making procedure, treating people that has long term conditions and diagnosis re assessment of patients analysing treatment alternatives according to the analysis outcome. BIS has grown to be so essential to the fact that most of the data warehousing in various systems used in medical care establishments inhabit proprietary storage making accessibility a problem. There are four compositions steps of BI storing, integrating, analysing and presentation to deliver data to end users, BI uses dashboard to present the steps. Effective development dashboard is still an issue.

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  • Marketing communications plan for Hull city (Using SOSTAC model)


    Assignment is to write a marketing communications plan for Hull city. It has been chosen as a UK’s city of culture for the year of 2017 (Using SOSTAC model.)

    • Situation Analysis
      • Advantages
      • Disadvantages
      • Strengths
      • Weaknesses
    • Objectives
    • Strategies


    10 Pages

    Harvard Format

  • Financial Adviser Interview


    Interview (Q&A)

    Seminar in Personal Financial Planning

    Portfolio Construction

    Using the 3-5 stocks recommended by your financial advisor/planner when conducting your interview (Assignment 2) as a foundation, your assignment will be to come up with a portfolio of 15-20 stocks that you would invest in using $100,000. For each stock, you are to complete the following information (See chapter 12 for guidance):

    • Provide your reason for why you selected each stock
    • Using the company’s financials (which can be found on financial websites such as or, provide the following measures for each company (you can put these in excel if you prefer):
      • Book Value
      • Net Profit Margin
      • Return on Equity
      • Earnings per Share
      • Price/Earnings Ratio
      • Dividend Yield (if any)
      • What industry is the stock in
      • How much are you investing in each stock
    • Finally, put a portfolio together using a virtual portfolio tracker (i.e. and attach the portfolio to the back of your assignment.

    5 pages

  • A proposal on managing a university


    The paper is a research proposal about managing a university.

    13 pages

    APA Format

  • Sophisticated Systems at Suffolk Company


    The paper is about Sophisticated Systems. It analyzes Sophisticated Systems as used in Suffolk Company.

    Paper Contents

    • Management information systems
    • Technology management
    • Advantages of employing sophisticated systems

    3 pages

    APA Format


  • Gap Analysis and its Applications


    Gap Analysis and its Applications

    Gap Analysis is useful at the beginning of a project when developing a Business Case , and it’s essential when you’re identifying the tasks that you need to complete to deliver your project.

    Gap Analysis is not specifically mentioned as a technique in PMBOK or in PRINCE2 . However, it’s a useful tool that you can apply when working with both of these project management methodologies.

    The Paper is about gap analysis and its application, advantages and disadvantages

    4 pages