Religion and Sociology

Religion and Sociology

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  • Week Three Post-Discussion Reaction Form SOC/110 Version 6


    Week Three Post-Discussion Reaction Form SOC/110 Version 6

    Week Three Post-Discussion Reaction Form

    At the end of your weekly discussions, answer the following questions in 100 to 200 words. Be honest. You will not be graded on any negative responses.

    Group Interaction

    1. How clear was the intent of the discussion?
    2. How prepared were your group members for the discussion?
    3. Did everyone participate equally in the discussion?
    4. Were group members open to different points of view?
    5. How would you describe the overall climate of the discussion?
    6. Did you feel your group was productive in the discussion? Did you use the time efficiently?
    7. What strategies can you use in future discussions to increase productivity and outcomes?
    8. What approach will you take next time to increase group cohesion?

    Video Analysis – “Planning A Playground”

    1. What are the issues in this meeting?
    2. What did they do well as a group?
    3. Can you identify constructive or deconstructive conflict occurring in this group? What are some key indicators? What conflict styles do you see?
    4. Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this situation differently?

    Video Analysis – “The Politics of Sociology”

    1. What are the issues in this meeting?
    2. What did they do well as a group?
    3. What types of conflict do you see in this video? Provide examples.
    4. There is a clear leader in this video. What can he do to be a better leader for this group?
    5. Based on what you learned this week, how might you handle this team situation differently?


  • Arabic Language in Danger in Qatar and the UAE



    Research Question:

    Is Arabic Language in Danger in Qatar and UAE?

    Professor Instructions:

    For the research paper, you will be writing an argumentative essay.  Your task in this assignment is to enrich your understanding of a relevant issue that is of a general interest.  You are expected to take a position on that issue and to support your views and justify your choices.  In order to carry out this analysis successfully, you will need to dig deeper into both primary and secondary sources beyond your immediate experience and beyond the readings in our textbook.  Simply put, you will be conducting research.  Your inquiry should take into account not only how the object of analysis is consumed and how it works, but also how it is perceived, analyzed, and understood.  In sum, you will be required to look into what a certain issue means in light of the debates surrounding it.  It is important to keep in mind that this is a focused research paper which deals with a specific issue you strive to better understand.  The length of your paper should be 5-6 double-spaced pages.

    So far, you have chosen your topic, gotten it approved, identified your research questions, collected information from the library, and reviewed your sources. Now you’re in a position to start writing your paper.  You will attempt to organize your ideas in terms of global goals (setting your overall aims and claims) and local goals (mapping ways of achieving these aims at the paragraph level).  While it is good to be confident about your findings and argument, I urge you to treat your position flexibly and not to be reluctant to reconsider your priorities, refocus your goals, and diverge from your initial formulations, and explore new possibilities.  It would probably not be possible to write your paper in one sitting.  So plan to devote blocks of time to think through the issues, do the readings, write, rewrite, revise, and edit your work. Note that you will be expected to use research material and provide at least 5 quotations from various sources in your paper.

  • Idea of dignity – To Be Like God


    Academic essays value clear expression of well-supported ideas/arguments, rather than mere opinion. This assignment asks you to explain the idea of dignity offered by Himes and the Catholic Bishops; it then asks you to explain how the idea of dignity might present a challenge and a promising impact in the life of an individual.  Try to focus on your ideas and how they are supported. Use Himes and the Catholic Bishops to think through dignity and the way it either is or is not a “promise” in people’s lives. Remember, this is an interpretive essay, so although your voice is present in the challenge and promising impact you choose, your own personal opinion about ‘dignity’ is not a main focus of this essay. Instead, you are being asked to think critically about the concept that has been presented to you.
    Your essay should be well structured, with a main idea sentence (a “thesis”) that puts forth the two things (challenge and promising impact) you will discuss and the point you want to make about them. The next sentences should be dedicated to the interpretation you are offering for each point, including citations for material you use to support each point. Finally, you are to conclude, summing up and synthesizing your claim about the concept of dignity, namely what promise and peril it may offer as one reflects on it for life.

    Be sure to cite specifically from the video and the USCCB page. In APA style, full, direct quotations are rare. Instead, you must paraphrase or summarize what you are using from these two sources, being sure to cite what you summarize or paraphrase.

  • Three Theological Statements


    Three Theological Statements

    Theological Statements – authority of Scripture, marriage and family, gender and sexuality

    Instructions are as follows:
    You will produce 3 Theological Statements that specifically address key theological issues in the church: authority of Scripture, marriage and family, gender and sexuality.

    Each statement must be 500 words, use current Turabian formatting, and include 2–3 academic, theological sources for each statement that must be footnoted. You must also include 3–5 key biblical texts for each statement.

  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender rights vary


    Why do lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender rights vary across countries?

    A Result of Integrating Religion into Politics


    • Introduction
    • What are rights?
    • The lack of LGBT Rights in Iran
    • LGBT rights vary over countries: The Religion Factor
    • LGBT rights vary over countries: The ignorance factor
    • LGBT rights vary over countries: The Geographic Location factor
    • Conclusion

    8 Pages

  • Latino and American Gender Roles


    Latino and American Gender Roles

    Paper Contents

    • Cross-Culture: Gender Role Conflict
    • Role of Men and Gender Role Conflict in Different Culture
    • Dimensions of the gender role conflicts
    • Egalitarian Gender Ideology
    • The Male status and Culture
    • Women Role and the Gender Role Conflict
    • Gender-role Egalitarianism and Female Role
    • Comparison and Contrast to the United States Culture

    8 Pages

  • An ethnographic study of the Cosplay Subculture

  • Artifact Analysis of Cosplay’s Blue Crystal Staff


    Artifact Analysis of Cosplay’s Blue Crystal Staff

    English 104: Composition Research

    I. Objectives:

    This assignment shall enable you to:

    1. Bullet Select an artifact that enhances your understanding of the subculture

    2. Bullet Gain an insight into the symbolic world of the people being studied

    3. Bullet Learn how to read and interpret cultural artifacts

    II. Description

    In about a page and half, describe and interpret an artifact and/or certain aspect of your fieldsite. Take fieldnotes while you study your artifact and site. Describe the details of the object. Sketch, map, or photograph it. Research its history. Interview those who have made or used the object. Then interpret and analyze your artifact by considering the following questions:

    1. Bullet Why did you choose the artifact?

    2. Bullet How are you positioned to “read” the artifact?

    3. Bullet What clues does the artifact offer regarding traditions, rituals, values, rules, and behaviors in your subculture?

    4. Bullet What does it say about the person who uses it?

    Include a photograph or sketch of the artifact in your paper.

    Required Format

    Use APA style

    1 and ½ space

    Title your paper

    Include a reference page

    Use Times New Roman 12

    Leave 1″ margins

    III. Evaluation Criteria

    Your paper should:

    1. Bullet State and develop a coherent thesis

    2. Bullet Describe and interpret an artifact/site

    3. Bullet Triangulate data and incorporate appropriate sources

    4. Bullet Identify your positionality as fieldworker

    5. Bullet Use organizational techniques such as analytic section headings

    6. Bullet Be clear, engaging, and error-free

  • Interview Analysis of the COSPLAY Subculture


    Interview Analysis of the COSPLAY Subculture

    After having conducted an observation of the fieldsite and collected data of various kinds, your ethnographic perspective will not be complete unless you hear from members of the subculture. Consequently, this assignment shall enable you to:

    • Develop effective interview questions
    • Explore insider perspective
    • Debunk any myths or stereotypes about the subculture
    • Learn how to transcribe and code interviews
    • Learn effective strategies in qualitative data interpretation

    In this assignment, you will learn to listen and record the perspective of your informant. Prepare for your interviews by conducting background research and field observation and by writing interview questions. Make sure to test your interview equipment and rehearse your interview questions with a research partner. You may wish to use a cultural artifact to help focus your interview(s). Upon completion, transcribe four minutes of two of your interviews. Those four-minute portions of each interview should be the ones you find the most relevant to your research and should be turned in with your essay.

    In a two-page essay, make an argument where you report the findings from your interviews by
    focusing on the following items:

    • Describe your informants
    • Include the language of your informant(s)
    • Analyze language from interview transcript
    • Draw connections between the interview findings and the subculture
    • Include insider phrases, jargon, or occupation terms used by the informant(s)
    • Discuss what you have learned from the interview
    • Discuss the themes that emerge from your interviews
    • Reflect on your assumptions or preconceptions that were debunked through the interview process.
    • What would you have done differently?

    Required Format
    Use APA style
    1 and ½ space
    Title your paper
    Include a reference page
    Use Times New Roman 12
    Leave 1″ margins

    III.Evaluation Criteria
    Your paper should:

    • State and develop a coherent thesis
    • Analyze and interpret your informants’ language
    • Support its thesis with evidence from the transcriptions
    • Identify your positionality as a fieldworker
    • Use a clear and logical organization
    • Be clear, engaging, and error-free