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  • Machiavelli Philosophy and Western Civilizations


    The paper is about Machiavelli Philosophy and Western Civilizations

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  • Social Media Censorship


    The paper is about Social Media Censorship, the varying degrees of censorship across countries, and the benefits of censorship to government.

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  • The USA, India, Thailand, and Pakistan conflict


    This paper explores the conflict between the United States, India, Thailand Pakistan about shrimp and sea turtles. It goes further to explain how the disputes were resolved, the legal dispute ‪process, and role WOT (World Trade Organization) in developing the solution.

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    Chicago/Turabian 6 References

  • Copy, Plagiarism and its Effects in School


    Our subject is the broad category of copying. We will think through what it means to copy. What copying is an can do. You will use the idea of copying as a jumping-off point for your own research and writing. Research and write about one of any number of smaller areas of interest within the larger category of copying. You might research and write about instances of copyright law, plagiarism, fakes and forgeries, or music covers, to name just a few possible topics.

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    APA 15 References

  • Definition of politics


    Definition of politics-Who gets What When, Where and How

    The paper provides to definition of politics to attain the final sentiments that politics is who gets what when where and how; a definition provided by Lasswell

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  • The Global Warming Epidemic


    This is a discussion about the global warming epidemic in the current lifetime with a view of looking for a viable solution.

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    MLA format


  • Origin of Criminal Profiling


    Prepare a thesis outline on the topic Criminal Profiling.

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