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  • Analytical Essay on Algae biofuel


    The essay should be analytical in nature. Don’t simply give an overview of an approach or application but make sure
    you include an analysis and put in your own thoughts. The Essay text can be no more than 5
    pages using a 1.5 line spacing. Use a 1 inch margin on all sides and a 12 point Times Roman
    font. Number references must be included with the numbers in superscript in the text body and
    listed under the reference section. Figures may be added at the end of the essay and do not
    count toward the total page count.
    Typically the essay should include:
    Introduction: Define the problem or technology discussed and place it in a current context. Define the idea or thesis of the essay.
    Background: review materials relevant to your application.
    Current results and Critique
    Conclusion and perspective of future trends
    The mark breakdown should be:
    1/3 grammar (spelling, sentence and paragraph structure, flow)
    1/3 technical content (details, references, figures)
    1/3 thesis arguments

    10 peer reviewed references minimum

    Here, how to start off:

    Intro: talk about why biofuel is the future, and algae derived biofuel is the most practical in term of cultivation, extraction, and economically feasible

    paragraph1. explain what an algae is, how long it have existed, what are the common strains of algae use in production, what are the requires for growth, and what is the products

    paragraph 2: explain the cultivation and extraction process of algea biofuel

    paragraph 3: explain the economics of algae production in term of profit and cost

    paragraph 4: explain the drawback of paragraph 1-3, eg. picking the right algae strains, risk of contamination, cost of productions, purification process, cost of production , limitation on where production can be carry out

    paragraph 5: Critically explain your perspective on the pro and cons (be specifics) on the future aspect of algae biofuel

    Last paragraph: summarize the overall topics and readdress your thesis. provide a strong take home message

    A final note, the audience of the paper are scientist with experience in the field. There need to be a TOPIC SENTENCE for each paragraph, and a concluding sentence. It must be CONCISE and specific.

  • Judgment Calls Essay


    “Most decisions are made with analysis, but some are judgment calls not susceptible to analysis due to time or information constraints.  Please write about a judgment call you’ve made recently that couldn’t be analyzed.  It can be a big or small one, but should focus on a business issue.  What was the situation, the alternatives you considered and evaluated, and your decision making process?  Be sure to explain why you chose the alternative you did relative to others considered.”

  • Ambiguous government Cyber crime Policy in cyber crime prevention



    • Executive summary. 2
    • Introduction. 5
    • Statement of the problem.. 6
    • Research questions. 6
    • Significance of the research. 6
    • Literature Review.. 7
    • Cyber crime policy research. 7
    • Research on cyber crime. 9
    • Methodology. 14
    • Analysis. 14
    • Computer fraud and abuse act 14
    • The wiretap act 16
    • Networks crimes statues. 16
    • Presidential/executive orders. 17
    • Discussion. 18
    • Understanding cyber crime. 18
    • Types of cyber crimes. 18
    • Strategies for combating cyber crimes. 18
    • Emerging trends in cyber crime prevention. 32
    • Barriers to implementing effective strategies to fighting cyber crime. 33
    • Cyber crime prevention policies. 35
    • Computer fraud and abuse act 35
    • The wiretap act 36
    • Networks crimes statues. 37
    • Presidential/executive cyber crime policy. 40
    • Recommendations. 44
    • Limitations of the study. 46
    • Conclusion. 47
    • References. 51

    47 pages

  • Faction Choice in Divergent


    Research on the book divergent, 9 pages.
    Here are the general instructions:
    – Introduction has to include a hock and information about the writer, the story of the book, opposite opinions and the thesis.

    • Chapter One: The Ability to Face the Struggles.
    • Chapter Two: Devolved her Real Character.
    • Chapter Three: The Romantic Ending

    – Conclusion has to be a general rephrase from the the thesis
    – By the end of each chapter, there has to be a sentence or two about the next chapter.
    – Quotes has to be 10% or less from the total volume.

  • Research Proposal: Assessing the Implications and Challenges of the Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance for Commercial Airlines


    Research Proposal: Assessing the Implications and Challenges of the Outsourcing of Aircraft Maintenance for Commercial Airlines

    Additional Files:

  • Dignity Essay


    In their outline of Roman Catholic Social Teaching (CST (Links to an external site.)), Michael Himes  (Links to an external site.)and the US Catholic Bishops present a unique challenge with their idea of dignity. Consider one major challenge it presents and one major promising impact this idea might present to someone considering their own life, its meaning, and its connection to what they do, both day-to-day and over a lifetime (work, family, etc.).

    The essay should also include:
    “Consider one major challenge it presents and one major promising impact (Doherty, 2017).” Maybe you could elaborate more on how someone can practice more dignity or what it means to be more human

  • Notorious newly born terrorist group ISIS


    Critically discuss and assess, in essay form, the emergence, evolution, and future prospects of IS (aka ISIS and/or ISIL)



    Emergence as far back pre AQ.


    Motivation and causes of terrorism activities:





    8 Pages

  • The impact of Critical Realism and Positivism upon my proposed PhD research


    The impact of Critical Realism and Positivism upon my proposed PhD research


    A critical comparison between the central arguments of Positivism and Critical Realism

    An evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of Positivism and Critical Realism upon my proposed PhD research

    7 Pages

  • Motivation Resulting from Completed and Missing Actions



    This article asks, when does motivation increase as a result of attending to accomplishments and when does it increase as a result of attending to their absence? We propose that attention to accomplishments increases motivation among uncommitted and inexperienced individuals by increasing their goal commitment. In contrast, attention to lack of accomplishments increases motivation among committed and experienced individuals by increasing their perceived need to make progress on a goal. We document parallel influences of attention to completed and missing actions on the pursuit of personal and shared goals, and document similarities between the types of information on completing versus missing actions that individuals include in the feedback they seek and give to each other and how they respond to this information