Religion and Sociology

Religion and Sociology

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  • Metaphysics: Plato vs. Aristotle


    The paper compares and contrast Plato and Aristotle views on Metaphysics.
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  • Evolutionary Versus Social Structural Explanations for Sex Differences in Mate Preferences, Jealousy, and Aggression


    This paper compares the perspectives of evolutionary psychology and social structural theory on sex differences in jealousy, mate preferences, and aggression. These two theories shed somewhat different lights on the origins of sex differences between men and women. Both theories discuss sex differences in mate preferences, jealousy, and aggression. Explanations from the two theories are compared and contrasted.
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  • Assignment: Influence of biological and environmental factors on personality development


    ASSIGNMENT TITLE: Discuss the influence of biological and environmental factors on personality development?
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  • Attraction and Love—Binding Forces



    How do we explain the goings-on in this tangled web of deception? Candy and Stretch felt strongly attracted to each other. What determines who is attractive?
    Why did Candy and Stretch pretend to agree on everything? Why did they put off introductions to their parents?
    Two possible outcomes of attraction are friendship and love. Candy and Stretch “fell in love.” What is love? When the first author was a teenager, the answer was, “Five feet of heaven in a ponytail.” However, this answer may lack scientific merit.
    We see that there are different forms of love and that our concepts of love are not universal.
    Investigators define feelings of attraction as psychological forces that draw people together. Many factors enter into personal attraction. The first of these that we consider is physical appearance.

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  • Research Paper: Importance of Maintenance and Aftercare


    Research Paper: Importance of Maintenance and Aftercare

    Corrections, is an ever changing field today. One goal of corrections is to rehabilitate and treat offenders so they are ready or prepared to reenter society. It is stated that, “Reentry is the process of transition that incarcerated individuals make from prison or jail to the community,” (Velasquez, 2010, p. 8). In order for any form of maintenance and aftercare to be effective, post prison and after release, there needs to be consistency as well as follow ups on the inmates while they are incarcerated and after they are released. Further, it is necessary to be able to look past a conviction and be willing to help the inmate be successful so they do not recidivate. This paper will examine the role of aftercare or maintenance, and how it can help to reduce recidivism.

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  • The Source of Failures In Mating: Women’s Long-Term Mating Strategies


    The Source of Failures In Mating: Women’s Long-Term Mating Strategies
    The paper examines the sources of failures in mating, providing solutions on how to avoid them.
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  • Discuss Attractive people deserve to be more successful than ugly people


    Attractive people deserve to be more successful than ugly people
    The paper provides an analysis into how looks success and discrimination between good looking and ugly people.
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  • Serial Killers are Born or Made?


    Are Serial Killers Born or Made?

    The paper seeks to answer the question whether Serial Killers are Born or Made? It utilizes information from “Inside the Minds of Mass Murderers” and “Inside the Minds of Serial Killers,” both written by Kathertine Ramsland.
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  • Implications for Domestic Violence in Heterosexual Relationships; a Socio- Cultural Approach


    Implications for Domestic Violence in Heterosexual Relationships; a Socio- Cultural Approac
    This analysis focus on whether cultural implications contribute to a prevalence in domestic violence inside heterosexual relationships in respect to social theory, with the spotlight on culture and ethnicity.
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