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  • PSY 325 OB – Fight or Flight?


    PSY 325 OB – Fight or Flight? 

    General Adaptation Syndrome

    • Introduction
    • Fight
    • Flight
    • Conclusion

    3 pages

  • PSY 325 OB – Book Report


    PSY 325 OB Book Report

    “Life’s Healing Choices” By John Baker


    How to Heal?

    • Introduction
    • The Reality Choice
    • The Hope Choice
    • The Commitment Choice
    • The Housecleaning Choice
    • The Transformation Choice
    • The Relationship Choice
    • The Growth Choice
    • The Sharing Choice
    • Conclusion

    8 Pages

  • My A-B-C Journal: The Daily Life of Nia


    PSY 325 OB

    My A-B-C Journal: The Daily Life of Nia

    • Introduction
    • Schedule
    • Conclusions
  • SOC 312 OC – A Look into the Life of Nia


    SOC 312 OC

    Cuban, Venezuelan, Lebanese: A Look into the Life of Nia


    • Introduction
    • Ethnicity
    • Statistics
    • Modes of Communication
    • Cultural Norms
    • Religious Beliefs
    • Conclusion

    9 Pages

  • Women/Gender Studies Final Paper – Menstruation Taboos


    Women/Gender Studies Final Paper – Menstruation Taboos

    An essay on menstruation Taboos that Won’t Go Away but Should

    5 pages

  • Aboriginal Youth Gang Involvement: Causation and Prevention


    CRJS 1013-003
    Diversity Issues and the Criminal Justice System

    Assignment #3, Research Paper
    Aboriginal Youth Gang Involvement: Causation and Prevention

    Table of Contents

    • Abstract 3
      Introduction 4
      Causation 5
      Substance Abuse 5
      Poor Educational Success & Employment Opportunities 6
      Youth in Care and Family Factors 7
      Prevention 8
      Roles that Aboriginal Communities can take in Prevention 8
      Roles that Canadian Governments can take in Prevention 9
      Programs currently at work 10
      Conclusion 11
      References 13

    13 Pages




     This essay answers the following essay question:

    A central feature of Socrates’ argument to the brothers in Republic is the analogy between justice in the city and justice in the individual. Does this analogy device help to clarify or illustrate the definition of justice Plato wishes to offer his readers? Put another way, do you think the analogy is a good, persuasive one? Or, do you think it ultimately undermines Republic’s argument about what justice is?

    6 pages

  • Mr. Toyoda Case


    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • The history of oil prices and what may happen in the future.
    • Geopolitics of the supply and demand of energy.
    • Environmental   sustainability, how to increase economic efficiency, and issues related to   energy security.

    Question 1:

    Why did oil price come down sharply in recent years? (I expect 1-2 paragraphs) (4 points)

    Question 2:

    Mr. Toyoda mentioned five risks in the Dramatically Changing Energy Landscape. List 3 of them. (3 points)

    Question 3:

    Mr. Toyoda mentioned six challenges that are necessary at major turning point in energy. List 4 of them. (4 points)

    Question 4:

    Do you think that producing and consuming countries need to cooperate to minimize the oil price fluctuation? Explain your answer in a paragraph. Yes or No only is not enough. (4 points)

  • Position Paper 1: Are we still evolving?


    Position Paper 1: Are we still evolving?

    Origins of Human Diversity, Fall 2016


    Darwinian Evolution is the leading scientific theory regarding the development of new species.  We understand the process as decent with modification brought about by selective pressures in the environment that lead to differential reproductive success.  Some people argue that humans have adapted to a point that is beyond the selection process and are no longer evolving or under the pressures of natural selection.  Others argue that because we modify a natural material or state in everything we do and/or build, is that we are still integrated into nature and subject to natural laws such as evolution and natural selection.  Consider this statement and select one of the following positions to defend in your paper.

    1. Humans and everything we do are parts of nature and therefore subject to all natural laws and processes, including evolution and natural selection.


    1. Humans have elevated themselves above nature and have developed adaptive means to remove themselves from some natural processes such as evolution and natural selection.

    Tips for Success:

    • Clearly state why you support the position you are defending
    • Provide three arguments that support your position
    • Support each of your arguments with evidence from the textbook and lectures
    • Provide a clear conclusion that summarizes your position
    • Proofread!

    Submission Instructions:

    • You must submit final papers to the D2L “Position Paper 1” Dropbox folder
    • You must submit papers before 8:00 am on 9/9/2016
    • You must submit Microsoft Word Documents (.doc or .docx), OTHER FORMATS WILL NOT BE GRADED

    Formatting Instructions:

    • Single space headers (Name, date, title, etc…)
    • Times New Roman 11 or 12 point font
    • Double space content
    • 1” margins
    • 700-750 word requirement (10% penalty for not meeting or exceeding the word limit)
    • Provide a word count at the end of your paper (5% penalty for failing to include a word count)
    • Headers and Works cited do not count towards your word limits

    Citation Requirements:

    • You must provide in text citations
    • Works Cited Page
    • APA Style for citations.
    • You do not need a cover page or abstract

    Do not use direct quotations